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Dimday Red fiction RPG gets a Demo

dimday red interactive fiction rpg game gets a demo for linux mac windows pc

Dimday Red interactive fiction RPG game gets a Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the creative efforts of developer eNVy softworks and 1sickpuppy. Currently available on Steam for a limited time.

eNVy softworks and 1SickPuppy are eager to announce their brand new RPG titled Dimday Red. The Demo (Linux, Mac, Windows PC) will be playable at gamescom and on Steam until August 28th.

Dimday Red is an interactive fiction RPG set in the politically divided city of Neu Bonn. Doing so in a dystopian future ruled by corporations, fanatical religions, and powerful mutants. Every choice you make impacts the world around you. But most importantly your own personality. Who will you choose to be in a world doomed to end in 52 years? Will you fight for those in need? Or will you take a front row seat as the world around you burns?

Dimday Red Announcement Trailer

The Dimday Red demo focuses on the story of Cillian Bragger. Who is also an enforcer working for the Syndicates. Apart from his outstanding extermination skills, Cillian is blessed with the curse of Marble eyes. One of the mutations caused by the Sun. Along with his best friend Steen, a fellow mutant, they embark on a curious mission at the city’s Blak Market Bazaar.

As one of the first video games “Powered by the Apocalypse”. Dimday Red blurs the line between conventional Interactive Fiction and a tabletop RPG. While combining the best of both worlds to deliver an enhanced playing experience.

  • Build your personality: Customize your character traits. All while you work your way towards the 7 Deadly Sins and 7 Heavenly Virtues. Select between 42 Trait cards and combine them to build a unique personality for Cillian.
  • Build Relationships: Build, strengthen or even ruin your relationships with
    other characters. Form meaningful connections in Dimday Red. Maybe distance yourself from others or unleash your hatred upon your enemies.
  • Make important choices: Discover the impact of your choices and the influence of chance on them. Make conscious choices but never underestimate how much the outcome can change with a roll of the dice. Every last one of your choices , but also luck, shape the Dimday Red story. All in new and interesting ways leading to multiple endings.
  • Battle your enemies: Fight for justice for all, for some, or for none. Destroy your enemies or protect your allies! Decide who you want to be until the world ends.
  • Survive the heat: Weather the Heat and keep your cool while the world is being reduced to ashes. Manage your temperature levels and make sure you don’t burn way before the planet does!

Dimday Red interactive fiction RPG and the team behind it will be at gamescom. Also giving Linux, Mac, and Windows PC players a chance to take on the Demo via Steam. So be sure to Wishlist the game too. Coming soon to Kickstarter.

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