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Dimension Drive is back on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

dimension drive shoot em up back on_kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

Dutch game #developer #2AwesomeStudio have #returned to Kickstarter after a crushing fraudulent pledge to their campaign. Causing the team to lose €7,000 in their final hours of funding. Launching a another Dimension Drive Kickstarter campaign for the shoot ’em up title, hoping this time any trolling will be put aside to allow real pledges to bring the title into existence.

The original Dimension Drive Kickstarter campaign closed out last week, just thousands of euros short of their €30,000 goal. Then before the campaign closed, success came thanks to a €7,000 contribution. Or so they thought. So Kickstarter’s Integrity Team had to jump in by suspending the fraudulent user’s account, but the real heartbreaking loss was caught on 2Awesome’s livestream.

Dimension Drive is back with 27 days left to go in the Kickstarter campaign, having raised over €21,000 of their €30,000 goal.

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“To be honest with you guys, our first reaction was “no way, we can’t go throw all this process again. Not after what happened at the last hours of our campaign”. The confidence was gone, we were exhausted after those 24h, mentally broken, … I can’t find the right words to describe it, but I think you can have an idea,” the developer wrote in the Next Steps update on the failed Kickstarter.

“But as the hours were passing by, your support started to change our minds. You guys and your kind and warm words encouraging us to do this one more time. We couldn’t let this “troll” destroy our dream, the project we have been working so hard to make it real. We couldn’t let he/she/them win, not only for us, for any indiedev that could face something similar in the future. ”


  • A New Type of Shoot’Em Up: Dimension Drive is a Dual-Battlefield vertical Shoot’Em Up with a focus on smart, quick teleporting.
  • Rich Sci-fi Adventure: Unfold the secrets of the Dimension Drives and your past, teleport across the multiverse fighting the ultimate threat, and meet new races and allies!
  • Clever Mix of Three Mechanics: A seamless combination of levels focusing on strategic shooting, fast puzzling and frantic defense make the core of Dimension Drive an exciting and varied one.
  • 2 Wars at Once: Multitask and teleport to single-handedly fight in two shoot’em up levels at the same time.
  • 4 Game Modes: Arcade, Modern, Pacifism and 1 Credit Clear all force you to approach the game in different ways and add replay value!
  • Comic Book Style: Experience the story of Jack Tywood through gorgeous, dynamic motion comics fitting the cel-shaded style and visual “pop” of the main game. In Dimension Drive, video games meet comics. Who said space was just black?
  • Energy Management: The Manticore is powered by Dimension Drive energy. Carefully decide when and where to teleport while in the midst of combat.
  • Advanced Scoring System: Shoot’em up fans and genre newcomers alike will enjoy our unique scoring system that rewards you for playing truly well, rather than simply shooting enemies.
  • Teleportation!: We’ve said that already, right? It’s what makes our game really unique! No? Okay then–Teleportation!

You have to admit, this is issue has worked in favour of Dimension Drive creating more media impact for the project due to the past issue. Mind you, this does not take away from this dual-screen vertical shoot ’em up title. Taking place in “comic book styled sci-fi space opera set in a multidimensional universe.” Wow that sounds wordy. The shmup is hoping to make it’s debut on Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2015.


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