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Dinky Dungeon absurd shooter gets a release date

dinky dungeon absurd arena shooter gets a release date for linux mac windows pc

Dinky Dungeon absurd arena shooter game gets a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks developer NAISU. The game is due to arrive on Steam later this year. Thanks the creator of Mokoko and Dark Fantasy: Jigsaw Puzzle.

Dinky Dungeon is an absurd arena shooter game. Which also comes with a (relatively) charmingly ugly style. All the sounds in the game are recorded and engineered by a single guy and a cat. Due to the creative efforts of independent games developer NAISU. And likewise, the game gets a release date for Dinky Dungeon for Steam. Due to launch on December 15, 2020.

Dinky Dungeon is a 3D shooter where you kill whatever you see in sight. Since you and your grandfather start a dungeon business for trapping evil creatures away from the town. So at the start of each level he will ask you to complete quests.

Dinky Dungeon – Announcement Trailer

“I decided to fully develop Dinky Dungeon after I showed a prototype on reddit 2 months ago. Which got around 600 upvotes”, says Göksan Güner, solo developer at NAISU. “Listen carefully at the sound. All the FX have been made by me and recorded with my own phone!”.

Gameplay for Dinky Dungeon is certainly a retro flashback for most. Just like Doom and Quake, you shoot whatever you see. Also as a quest example. You will have to kill 30 goblins, dismantle the traps, and protect the crate shipment. All while solving the puzzle mechanisms and slaying the goddesses or bosses. Above all, make sure to destroy the nests.
As you kill creatures and complete the quests, you will also earn experience. As with most shooters, player success lets you improve your character.


  • Scenario mode with 17 levels, and endless arena modes
  • Absurdly unique and fun arena shooter gameplay
  • Remarkable graphics and sound effects
  • Character progression with various abilities and weapons
  • Various enemies with different features
  • Boss fights
  • Lots of quests
  • Live leaderboards and achievements
  • A hell of a grandfather

Dinky Dungeon really is an absurd arena shooter. Due to arrive on December 15, 2020 via Steam. And will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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