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Dinky Guardians lets you populate galaxies

dinky guardians colony automation sim game launches on linux mac windows pc

Dinky Guardians colony automation sim game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative effort of developers Endless Loop Studios and Code Monkey. Now available on Steam with a discount and 98% Positive reviews.

Dinky Guardians has made its debut, and the reception is positive. For those unfamiliar, here’s a breakdown that should make sense, even if you’re just launching into the colony automation sim game on Linux.

Dinky Guardians takes place in a universe where you have the responsibility to populate entire galaxies with adorable little beings called Dinkys. Now, these Dinkys aren’t just for show. They’re your helpers, your crew, and your defenders against the not so friendly Zumbys creatures.

When you start, you’ll have a single Dinky. Think of it as your assistant. You can guide this Dinky to collect food or maybe gather other resources. With time, you’ll have the means to create more Dinkys. Together, you can take on more tasks, collect more resources, and even craft essential items. The more you have in Dinky Guardians, the more you can achieve. And achievement is vital since this universe offers tons of tech advancements waiting for you to discover and use.

Now, here’s where things get even better: automation. While Dinkys are super helpful, machines are a game-changer. They’re super speedy and can do a lot of tasks much faster than our little friends. However, there’s a catch: machines don’t munch on food. Instead, they run on power. So, you’ll need to figure out how to power them up efficiently in Dinky Guardians.

Dinky Guardians – Announcement Trailer

Ever dreamed of exploring space? In this adventure, you can. Build rockets to travel to other planets, each unique in its setting and resources. These planets aren’t just for sightseeing. They’re crucial for setting up supply chains, and ensuring resources from one world can aid another. Imagine it as intergalactic trade routes. Carefully managing these routes is the key to success.

However, Dinky Guardians is not all sunshine and rainbows. Once night falls, Zumbys come out, and their favorite snack? Yep, Dinkys. Your mission is to ensure your Dinkys are safe. Whether that’s by setting up smart defensive structures or employing various types of ammunition to fend off these nighttime pests, the choice is yours.

Your grand ambition? Ensuring the galaxy is brimming with Dinkys and setting up a flawless automated system. Due to ensure a peaceful life for these adorable beings.

And the cherry on top? You can take on this journey alone or team up with friends. Up to four players can join forces in this co-op game, making it a shared adventure.

Dinky Guardians colony automation sim offers a blend of strategy, adventure, and creativity. While promising hours of engaging content. Dive in, and may your galaxies flourish. Along with a 10% launch discount on Steam, priced at $13.49 USD / £11.51 / 13,31€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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