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DINO MERCS roguelike deckbuilding due this fall

dino mercs roguelike deckbuilding game due to release this fall on linux mac windows pc

DINO MERCS roguelike deckbuilding game due to release this fall on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative work of developer Unusual Undertaking. Gearing up to make its way onto Steam.

Enter here the ultimate SFX’s of explosions and dinosaur growls in 2022. Since you will be able to beat the baddies as dinosaur mercenaries and make your teenage dreams come true. Bonus Stage Publishing is gearing up to release DINO MERCS. Which is a roguelite deckbuilder by Unusual Undertaking.

DINO MERCS is a deckbuilding game where you play the role of a veteran member of Dark Solar Defense. They are also a shadowy private military corporation run by dinosaur mercenaries. Which is an original twist. Sadly, I was unable to get the games Demo to run via Proton. But there is some gameplay video around to offer further detail.

DINO MERCS | Demo | First Impressions

In DINO MERCS you’ve just been assigned a straightforward mission on a newly found planet. Then you quickly discover that the planet holds a dark secret. Since there are multiple forces fighting for control of it. To survive, you will go on operations, engage in fierce combat, and defend your forward operating base from attackers.


  • Strategic Deckbuilding: In order to survive and complete your mission, craft multiple decks. Doing so with various strategies and gameplay tactics.
  • Choose Your Experience: The way you build your deck determines everything. Want a true test? Or a more laid back run? You get to decide.
  • Multiple Playable Characters: Try out different cards and ways of playing as one of four unique playable characters.
  • Story-driven Campaign: Dive into an exciting story about a mysterious planet. Offering mercenary dinosaurs and shadowy corporations.
  • Infinite Test: Want less story and more action? Try infinite mode and see how long you can survive.

DINO MERCS the roguelike deckbuilding game is coming out in autumn 2022. Due to support Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. There is also a demo out now on Steam Next Fest for you. Results may vary.

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