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Dinocide prehistoric adventure platformer coming soon to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Dincocide set in a prehistoric #world, where the term ‘man’s best friend’ takes on a different, more #reptilian form. To face the unknown dangers of a forgotten age, players will need to pair up with one of these majestic mounts to save the love of your life from an evil dino-god. Ride high in the sky on a Pterodactyl, or choose the stomping incinerator known as Tyranno, among many more mountable dinosaur #friends.
With their help, a player can jump higher, run faster, swim, fly and do a lot more things that an ordinary primitive man would never be able to do by himself. To reach the goal, the player will travel together through the lands inhabited by ancient creatures and unknown dangers.



  • Dinosaur mounts makes the player faster, stronger and offer a variety of tactical abilities.
  • Non-linear progression by different routes leads to varied ways to complete your journey.
  • A multitude of different biomes to visit – deserts, jungles, forests, lava caves, oceans, ice plains and more!
  • Weird creatures. Ok, fine, we know about the dinosaurs. But millions of years ago there could be something else we have no idea about. SAS trooper skeletons, for example.
  • Unique time/life mechanic. One bar shared for both the time limit on the level and life of your character.
  • Classic action. Don’t think. Don’t feel. Just go. React. Kill. Jump. Eat. Ride. Like in the good old times! You are not here to watch a movie!
  • The unmatched fun and drive of an 8-bit era game!

In Dincocide, dinosaurs not only offer friendly solace but serve as a key mechanic to the way you will tackle the game’s levels. Each dinosaur comes with a unique set of abilities that will directly help or hurt your success based on the area of the world a player is currently in. These locations vary from jungles, forests, lava caves, ice plains and deserts, and offer different enemies and platforming that you will have to overcome.

Health is based on a balance of hunger and damage taken, benefiting both fast-paced and methodical playstyles. Tackle levels slowly to replenish health and limit damage, or speed through at a breakneck pace to limit hunger—both can help you stay alive in a world inhabited by dozens of unruly creatures.

Dinoside is coming to Steam for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC soon.

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