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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter simulator almost funded

dinosaur fossil hunter simulator almost funded on kickstarter for windows pc and linux

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter simulator almost funded on Kickstarter for Windows PC, but may unearth Linux. Thanks to recent details from developer Pyramid Games and publisher PlayWay. The crowdfunding campaign just released and over 80% funded already.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter allows the player to take on a role of a paleontologist. While exploring the western states of the USA. All in search of dinosaur fossils. Kickstarter campaign, just released on May 19th. Due to help for a quicker release of the full game from Pyramid Games.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a simulator. While players take on the role of a paleontologist roaming various regions searching of dinosaur fossils. Players will also be able to research extensive territories. Then destroy rocks and water tanks in order to reach their goal. Likewise, they will get a whole range of different tools to use. Allow the player to dig and cleanse the fossils. So they can later be assembled and exhibited in players’ own, self-decorated museum.

This is also what caught my attention with Dinosaur Fossil Hunter. Which is due to arrive on Windows PC, but there is no Linux support announced in the campaign.

The game engine is Unity. First we need to focus on finishing the PC version. And adding all the Kickstarter Campaign goals we will achieve.

Pyramid Games is also a “heavy Linux user myself”. Plus the games built in Unity, so there is indeed a solid chance for a port. The campaign is certainly successful already and due to release in December 2020. But the developer is eager to see funding succeed along with any Stretch goals. With a Backer Demo due to June 9th, 2020. Meaning that Proton support should work well for the Demo build. And with enough Wishlist support, that native port after full release.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter – Now on Kickstarter

The Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Kickstarter campaign will last for 30 days. Ending on June 28 2020 11:58 AM EDT. Funding during this period will allow the developers to finish their work on the game. Reaching the first threshold, the Early Access version will be polished. The next Stretch goals will allow for further development of the game. The studio plans for the title include the addition of dynamic weather. While expanding the exploratory mechanics or personalizing the museum. And these are just a few of the upgrades where funds are being raised during the campaign.

The reveal of Dinosaur Fossil Hunter demo will take place on June 9th 2020, during Steam Games Festival. However – everyone who will support the Kickstarter campaign will receive exclusive access to the Windows PC Demo right away. And with the simulator almost funded and enough Wishlist support, a Linux build after the full release.

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