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Din’s Legacy action RPG has another update

dins legacy action rpg game has another update for linux mac windows pc

Din’s Legacy is an action RPG game has another update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to continuing efforts of developer Soldak Entertainment. Available on both Humble Store and Steam.

Din’s Legacy with it’s mutating characters continues to evolve. So here is the full list of changes available below. This affects Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And likewise, you can do some cool things in the game now. Such as fighting vendors and spell damage bonuses.

Patch 1.005:

  • now instead of damaged clan members staying awake for a chance to heal. They just slowly heal (speeds things up a lot, especially high levels with lots of clans)
  • now uprisings keep their numbers up better in small areas
  • fixing a few status effects in Din’s Legacy. Such as deep wounds. Previously having the difficulty multiplier applied twice
  • fixed another way could lose a follower across worlds (liren)
  • added textures for exoskeleton mutation
  • increased CriticalStrike per level DamageMultPhysical from 0.125 to 0.2 (AuraForLaura)
  • now PreciseStrike’s PowerAdded goes upper skill level (AuraForLaura)
  • doubled Hex damage debuff and now can stack up to 4 instead of just 1 (AuraForLaura)
  • doubled spell damage bonus from staves (now same as wands) (Misfit)
  • can now fight vendors (BorkFate) in Din’s Legacy
  • now dots display takes into account higher difficulty damage mult correctly (Soldad)
  • no longer eliminate other clans when win (chesse20)
  • now getting hit and Pain Delay changing everything to damage over time. This still counts as a hit so that struck things trigger properly (Swal)
  • now zombie infection description tells a possible way to cure (Bluddy)
  • simplified saveBaseColor stuff in generating colors some (probably a tad faster also)
  • when talking to a player an NPC will no longer patrol, adventure, or do activities (Notorious)
  • changed full mutation description to match new chances (ulk_underscore)
  • fixed Carek’s bonus display numbers being incorrect (ulk_underscore)
  • fixed Player:: damage notice skipping Sentient stuff

Din’s Legacy updated trailer

During the Orc Schism of Din’s Legacy. The entire Orc race is split into Dark Orcs, Zombielords, and the Mutated. They are corrupt with Orc blood, a zombie parasite, and necromancer magic. This makes people seriously mistrust and even fear them. The fact that they slowly mutate over time makes it even worse. Who is going to trust you when you grow horns overnight?

The trickster god Din was curious by their chaotic mutations. With a burning desire to prove themselves to the world. Always in need of champions, he made a pact with the Mutated. Each volunteer would become one of his champions trying to save the world wherever Din sends them. In return, each time they die in his service he resurrects them to continue their service.

Din’s Legacy the action RPG game is available with the update via Humble Store and Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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