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Diplomacy update hits The Battle of Polytopia

diplomacy update hits the battle of polytopia across linux mac windows pc

Diplomacy update hits The Battle of Polytopia across Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the effort and support of developer Midjiwan. Which is available on both Steam and Humble Store.

Indie developer Midjiwan AB has announced that the popular 4X strategy game The Battle of Polytopia has received a major update: Diplomacy. While offering a completely new technology in the Tech Tree. Available now for free in the latest versions of the game on Steam. The technology includes a wide range of unique features. All due to adds a completely new layer of complexity to the gameplay. Such as the Peace Treaties, Embassies, Tribe Relations, and more.

The Battle of Polytopia – Diplomacy Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

“Diplomacy is the biggest core gameplay update ever for The Battle of Polytopia. It is the result of years of development, testing, and hard work,” says Christian Lovstedt, General Manager at Midjiwan AB.“The Diplomacy update takes our game to the next level of complexity and fun. We can’t wait for players to sink their teeth into all the new features we’ve prepared for them.”

In short, Diplomacy’s new features allow players to form alliances with other humans and AI. All while they build embassies, find player capitals, dispatch spies, and launch detailed sneak attacks from nowhere. Players must stay on their toes to master and counter the new array of tools in their arsenal.

The Diplomacy Tech is out for both single-player and multiplayer. At its core, the technology will allow players to team up and take down larger foes. However, when all is said and done, there can only be one winner.

Key Features of the Update:

  • Peace Treaties
    Become friends with former enemies. At least until one of you calls it quits. Teammates cannot attack one another and can share roads.
  • Cloaks
    In Diplomacy these infiltration specialists are also trained in the arts of deceit and secret ops. So they arrive armed with two new abilities: Stealth and Infiltrate. Cloaks are invisible to enemy units until they perform an action.
  • Tribe Relations
    With Tribe Relations systems, players can decide which tribe they can become friends with. Colored bubbles offer detailed rundown of what the tribes think of them.
  • Embassies
    Diplomatic buildings can only be built in other tribes’ capitals. Doing so when players are not at war with them. Embassies reveal the encircling eight tiles and provide monetary rewards every turn.
  • Daggers
    Rebels are raised to action by the Cloak to attack an enemy city. In Diplomacy, daggers are the ultimate surprise attack guerrilla warfare units. Meaning enemies won’t fight back when they pounce.
  • Capital Vision
    View the Capital City location of any tribe you’ve found. Capital Vision will also take effect when players meet someone new. Thus aiding them in making tactical choices.

The Diplomacy Tech is now available for free in The Battle of Polytopia. Doing so Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $11.24 USD / £8.54 / 9,36€ with a 25% discount on Steam. Regular price on Humble Store. Along with Linux, Mac, and Windows PC support.

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