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DiRT Rally authentic racing officially launches

dirt rally authentic racing officially available in linux gaming

So Feral Interactive just announced that DiRT Rally, the world’s most authentic rally game, is now available on Linux.

So push yourself and your car to extremes of control in Hillclimb, Rallycross and Rally races. While you hurtle at breakneck speeds down the most dangerous tracks in the world of gaming Linux.

While DiRT Rally is the most authentic and thrilling rally game ever made for Linux. Hence road-tested over 80 million miles by the DiRT gaming community. The game perfectly captures that white knuckle feeling of racing on the edge. While player hurtle along dangerous roads at breakneck speed, knowing that one crash could irreparably harm your stage time.

The Linux release of DiRT Rally also includes officially licensed World Rallycross content. Since this allows players to experience the breathless, high-speed thrills of some of the world’s fastest off-road cars. While you trade paint with other drivers at some of the series’ best-loved circuits. Since game is available in both singleplayer and high-intensity multiplayer races. Hence the competition is fierce but worth the challenge.

DiRT Rally for Linux – Release trailer

Features available:

  • ICONIC RALLY CARS – DiRT Rally boasts over 40 of the most iconic and relevant cars from yesteryear through to modern day gaming. While representing the cars that the players want, and the ones that make the most sense for the surfaces they race on.
  • SIX MASSIVE RALLIES WITH OVER 70 STAGES – Head to the muddy paths of Wales, the dusty trails of Greece and the icy tarmac of Monte Carlo. Take on the legendary hillclimb of Pikes Peak, the snowy thrills of Sweden, and the epic scenery of Finland.
  • OFFICIAL FIA WORLD RALLYCROSS CONTENT – Race at the Lydden Hill, Holjes and Hell tracks in six of the fastest off-road cars and take on your friends in high intensity, bumper-to-bumper multiplayer racing.
  • CUSTOM RALLY EVENTS: Take any car on any track – configure and compete in single or multi-stage events.
  • RALLY CHAMPIONSHIPS: Start on the bottom rung of the rally ladder and compete in a succession of events, earning points and money on your way to promotion. Use skillful driving and manage your repair schedules as you work your way to the top division and earn the most lucrative rewards.


  • UPGRADES, REPAIRS, SETUP AND TUNING – DiRT Rally delivers depth in areas beyond driving – elements such as repairs, upgrades, and setup & tuning add a rich and strategic dimension to your rally experience.
  • CHALLENGING, UNCOMPROMISING HANDLING MODEL – Codemasters has completely rebuilt the physical simulation for DIRT Rally to adequately capture how it feels to race across changing surfaces and has created brand new models for differential, suspension, engine mapping and turbo modelling.
  • TEAM MANAGEMENT – Hire and fire your crew members each of whom which will have different skills, improving repair times for different parts of the car. Teach them new skills as they gain experience and work together as a team to improve your performance in events.
  • PLAYER LEAGUE SUPPORT – Get together with friends and run your very own racing league. Join or create unlimited leagues and run them how and when you want.
  • DAILY, WEEKLY AND MONTHLY ONLINE CHALLENGES – It’s you versus the entire DiRT community in a series of one-day, week-long and month-long challenges to earn in-game credits to improve your car and team.

DiRT Rally is available on Linux from the Feral Store and Steam for $59.99//£39.99/€49.99. A minisite containing key features, trailers and screenshots for DiRT Rally is available now.

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