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Discover New Linux Games: OpenXcom

OpenXcom, an open-source reimplementation of the X-Com: UFO Defense game developed by Mythos and Microprose, has reached version 0.4.5.

In X-Com: UFO Defense, the players took control of the X-Com organization to fight an alien menace that threatened to conquer Earth.

According to the developers, OpenXcom is an open-source reimplementation of that game, licensed under the GPL and written in C++ / SDL, which was started back in February 2009.

The need for a new Xcom, especially an open source one, has risen from the fact that the original game is old and buggy. Therefore, the developers of OpenXcom are trying to capture the feel of the original, without experiencing the known issues.

This means that OpenXcom has the same graphics, sound and gameplay, but the codebase has been rewritten from scratch, without disassembling the original.

OpenXcom is flexible and doesn’t need any emulators to work. Also, the 80-item limit has been removed, and problems with personnel limits, funding overflows, disconnected facilities, broken proximity grenades, floating soldiers, and so on, have been repaired.

Moreover, the games can run on any platform, its fully documented and free to use by anyone in accordance with the GPL.

Highlights of OpenXcom 0.4.5:

  • The Ufopaedia has been added;
  • Rightclick mouse scrolling has been added;
  • Rightclick arrow buttons to minimize or maximize values have been implemented;
  • Weapons can be toggled on and off during dogfights;
  • Auto-equipping has been improved in order to ignore empty weapons and loaded weapons on the ground;
  • A crash that occurred when completing a research has been fixed;
  • A workaround for big corpse pieces being recovered has been implemented;
  • Item now fly in the air when flying unit drops items;
  • Incorrectly labeled UFO recovery items have been fixed;
  • The options screen and the resolution selection are now working properly;
  • “We can now produce” Geoscape window has been added.

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of changes and updates.

Download OpenXcom 0.4.5 right now from Softpedia.

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