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Discrepant developer seeks community support

discrepant developer seeks linux community support beside windows pc

Discrepant developer seeks community support for Linux along with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Incendio Software. Due to release soon on Steam.

Indie game developer Incendo Software is proud to announce the release. Discrepant is coming to Early Access. While gameplay is a dark and twisted psychological sci-fi adventure. Taking inspiration from cool movies. Such as Dark City, Donnie Darko and Thirteenth Floor. Discrepant is also the studio’s debut game. Which is coming to Windows PC. So naturally, we reached out for Linux support.

Linux Support:

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Never considered a Linux port. But technically pretty straight forward. So if there is demand, definitely consider it.

So there you have it. If there is demand from the community. The fact that Unreal Engine 4 is being used for development helps.
Therefore, I created a Discussion post to share that Tux Love. But also make sure to Wishlist Discrepant on Steam.

Discrepant Trailer Steam

Discrepant is a psychological adventure game. Taking place in a dystopic sci-fi world that is slowly unwinding. It’s dark, deadly, and unsettling. Likewise, gameplay explores the meaning of existence and purpose. While challenging reality and emotional connection through a complex plot. With a twist around every corner.

Taking place in a strange town called New Haven. While you take control protagonist Sebastian. Who is now put in a world where things are anything but ordinary. Weaving your way through the baffling situations in Discrepant. As you work through very rough setting seeking answers.
Anxious and confused wireless voice of Sue. Claiming to be your wife and seemingly just as lost. Also your only link to sanity. Your only guide to unraveling why the world is falling apart. Can you trust her guidance?

Discrepant challenges you to find the safety of the transition room. And should you fail, you will need to try again. The game offers a thrilling adventure experience. Doing so in a dystopic Sci-Fi world with abrupt surprises and events. Feel free to Wishlist on Steam. Since the game is coming to Windows PC, but seeks community support for Linux.

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