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Distance, Nitronic Rush Sequel Hits Kickstarter Goal

Nitronic Rush is one of those rare indie games that a few people know about but no one really talks about it. The gravity-defying, stunt-racing game that took the art direction from Tron Legacy and turned it into an awesome arcade racer had a sequel that made its way to Kickstarter called Distance. Well, today the game has officially hit its Kickstarter goal.

I was a little worried about the game because it would have seemed like it may not have made it to its destination given that the original Nitronic Rush was a small indie project with a cool aesthetic, an equally awesome soundtrack and a lot of potential. Well, Distance aims to capitalize on Nitronic Rush and expand on that bleak color-contrasting world that was introduced by Refract Studios.


Check the game out in action below.

The game had a hefty goal of $125,000. For a little known project with about zero clout in the world of interactive entertainment, I really have to applaud Refract for being able to pull through and get the game funded. The community really came out to help make Distance a reality and I can’t wait to see what they do in the final product.

For those wondering, Distance is estimated for release on PC and Mac in August of 2013. The developers are expecting to start an early alpha sometime in May of next year, and those who pledged $55 or more will automatically be entered to have access to the alpha.

You can learn more about the arcade racer by paying a visit to the Official Kickstarter Page.

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