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Distance will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on December 9th


Distance is the sort of an #arcade #racing game with a tron-like neon racer, such an enticing proposition when it launched on Kickstarter back in 2012, swiftly securing more than it asked for. The #release of a Steam Early Access version of the game from – the developers claim it’s Trials Evolution + Rush 2049 + Halo + Tron: Legacy, will be out on the 9th of December on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The ‘experimental’ arcade racer Distance is the brainchild of Refract, a company formed of former classmates who created arcade racer Nitronic Rush at DigiPen Institute of Technology, which was super popular with us games-playing types. This is what Nitronic Rush looks like:

Using boost, wings, and jump mechanics,  avoid obstacles that the city throws at you. You can actually still download and play the game for free to get a taste of Distance’s predecessor. The soundtrack is also available, which does a good job setting the cyberpunkesque atmosphere.

Then the team Kickstarted Distance, a fully fledged spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush. The developers also explain that the adventure mode is about uncovering the world’s mysterious history, and as you explore you will be able to uncover pieces of its past. Boosting, flying, twisting and jumping through various atmospheric city obstacles.

But obviously a singleplayer mode where you play a lonely neon car-detective is not entirely what we’re here for. The multiplayer side offers LAN, online, and split-screen across modes like capture the flag, stunting, and plain old racing. A Jordan (aka TORCHT) dynamic soundtrack will also be supplied.

Keen an eye out for Distance next Tuesday on Steam, a rather unique and challenging racer for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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