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Distant Kingdoms city builder to evolve into support

distant kingdoms fantasy city builder to evolve into support on linux beside windows pc

Distant Kingdoms fantasy city builder to evolve into support on Linux beside Windows PC. According to details from developer Orthrus Studios. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access soon.

Wake the sleeping mages. Kasedo Games and Orthrus Studios announce the long awaited fantasy city builder, Distant Kingdoms. Slate to release onto Steam Early Access on May 5th, 2021 for Windows PC. However, according to a recent comment in Steam Discussion, Linux support is afoot.

…we don’t have a set timeline for Linux support at the moment, but it’s something the Devs would like to work on in the future!

Since Distant Kingdoms development is due to last for a year. There are plenty of opportunities for Orthrus Studios to issue a port. It’s also interesting to see Kasedo Games replying, rather than the developer. It’s not the first time, some developers have to confirm a Linux port with their publisher.
Still, the game engine for Distant Kingdoms is Unity 3D. This certainly makes the porting process easier. And even leaves room for potential Proton support until Linux support arrives.

Distant Kingdoms | Early Access Trailer

Distant Kingdoms offers a unique city building experience. While players use strategy, social management, and magic to build a thriving kingdom. They will unite the humans, dwarves, elves, and orcs together. Ultimately, to save civilization from apocalyptic ruin. The Distant Kingdoms gameplay reminds me of Torchlight mixed with Frostpunk and Stardew Valley. Still, it’s curious to see how the gameplay will unfold.


  • Home
    Build a vast network of towns and villages as you forge a new civilization. Research new tech and dabble in magic to support your growing villages. Easy enough for beginners, with complex and deep gameplay for fans of city builders.
  • Adventure
    Explore a new world filled with secrets. Sending out parties on a quest into the unexplored mists of Distant Kingdoms. While you help decide their fate through a choose your own adventure style quest and event system. Deal with enemy creatures, from Dragons to Imps, Wraiths, and Trolls. Trekking into deep, dark, and curious dungeons across the map.
  • Kingdom
    Provide for your people’s needs through a deep web of production lines. While they move through the social strata from peasant to noble. This means you will also have to cater to each race’s desires. Help the humans, dwarves, elves, and orcs come together across various maps. Including different stories in a future Distant Kingdoms grand campaign. Maybe even save civilization from apocalyptic ruin.

As development continues, players will be able to take on a full Campaign Story Mode. This will also include full fledged Modding support. As well as even more maps, models, productions, monsters, and magic. Plus an increase in overall quality and further balancing. Including more music and in-game sounds.

Distant Kingdoms fantasy city builder will release for Windows PC. While Linux support is in the plan, but due to arrive as development continues via Steam Early Access, starting May 5th.

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