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Distant Star: Revenant Fleet hits Linux and Mac

distant star: revenant fleet hits linux and mac games 2017

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is a real-time, space strategy game of 2015. The game features fleet-based combat and a dynamically generated galaxy. Also an evolving narrative that is different every time.
So now, Blazing Griffin, a digital entertainment group. Just announced that its Scottish BAFTA award-winning game, Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is now available on Linux and Mac in 2017. And this latest update to Linux and Mac helps widen the games audience. Also making it available to new users who may not have access to Windows.

Developer Blazing Griffin Games also added Steam achievements. So the Distant Star: Revenant Fleet reward players for numerous challenges. These include; hitting gameplay milestones, beating quest chains, completing the game on different difficulty settings.

“I am excited to announce that Blazing Griffin is making improvements. This is on several of the games in our portfolio beginning with this expansion of Distant Star:  Revenant Fleet to the additional platforms” stated Peter van der Watt, Managing Director of Blazing Griffin.

So in Distant Star: Revenant Fleet, players take control of the last remaining ships. Since they are all nearly destroyed by an A’kari fleet. So you must rebuild your forces as you battle through ancient galactic battlefields. All towards a final showdown with the Orthani. The A’kari, who are also descendants of humanity’s first foray into space. Viewing themselves as the last honourable vestige of the human race. The Sacking of Mars, the A’kari birthworld. This is one of the bloodiest events in ancient history. What the Orthani plan next in the great Triassic War.  Going down for its infamy, should you fail to stop it.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet Trailer:

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet Features

  • Take your fleet through a randomly generated galaxy that features a multitude of story decisions
  • Real-time strategy fleet-based combat with a variety of ship types
  • Overcome increasingly deadly opponents with a range of weapons, systems and support modules
  • Adapt to survive – persistent upgrades, persistent damage, and perma-death ensure tactics must evolve and decisions are meaningful from level to level
  • Develop elite ships with specialised crews

Since the release of Distant Star: Revenant Fleet in 2015. Blazing Griffin Games are obviously eager for cross-platform gameplay in 2017. The games available now for Linux, Mac and Windows. Presenting more of an FTL feel, at least according to reviews.
Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is priced at $9.99 USD via Steam, Humble Store, Green Man Gaming ($8.99 USD) and GamersGate.

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