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Divinity: Original Sin II coming to Kickstarter on August 26th – vote for rewards

Divinity: Original Sin II comingto kickstarter august 26 linux mac pc

Divinity: Original Sin II will be coming to Kickstarter with a #playable prototype at #PAXPrime

Larian Studios today announced its most ambitious #RPG ever – Divinity:Original Sin II, the sequel to “Gamespot’s PC Game of the Year,” Divinity:Original Sin.

Eager to involve the RPG community as early as possible, Larian Studios will be returning to Kickstarter on August 26th.

“As we made Divinity: Original Sin, our fans and community gave us two things: the freedom to make the game that we wanted to make, and the guidance to make a game that was even better than we planned. Your feedback pushed us in directions we never could have expected, and we’re so grateful for that push. Without the community, Divinity: Original Sin would never have been the success that it was, and now we’re asking for your support and guidance once again.”

Fans can now suggest which rewards they would like to see offered during the Kickstarter campaign by voting and offering feedback on

A prototype of Divinity: Original Sin II will also be playable at PAX Prime, highlighting some of the game’s unique features!

In addition to being among the first to go hands-on with Larian Studio’s upcoming RPG, attendees will have the chance to meet the developers and win (some very cool) prizes.

Note: Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC will be supported for Divinity:Original Sin II.

Vote for Kickstarter Rewards and Sign up for Updates HERE. Suggest what rewards you would like to see, and vote on the rewards that others have suggested.

While we are still awaiting the arrival of Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition on Linux and SteamOS, which we posted back in May.
Minimal details have been released from Larian, but Linux Game News did manage to confirm the “end of October” for the release. No specific date was given.

Check out the trailer below:

And make sure to follow Larian Studios on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


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