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Do Not Love visual novel now on Kickstarter

do not love visual novel game now on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

Do Not Love – Violators Will Be Shot visual novel game is live on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie dev circle Team Bisugo. Likewise the crowdfunding campaign is seeking $6,000 USD by September 19, 2019 3:00 AM EDT.

Philippine based indie dev circle Team Bisugo just released the campaign. For that reason they are looking to bring their visual novel Do Not Love – Violators Will Be Shot to Steam by June 2020.

Gameplay takes place in a quarantine zone, where skin contact is illegal. Do Not Love puts you in the shoes of an ‘intimi’. Who is also an underground intimacy seller, named Jericho. While exploring themes of death, survival, and love. Do Not Love challenges players by letting them make decisions. So they can shape the narrative that unfolds according to their choices.
Similarly, the campaign aims to fund the production of the full release. Since receiving critical reception of their proof-of-concept demo debut on last April 2019.

Do Not Love – Violators Will Be Shot is built on the Ren’Py engine. So the game will launch on the Linux platform along with the Windows and Mac version at release.

Do Not Love – Violators Will Be Shot Kickstarter Trailer

“We’ve always wanted to make a visual novel with an emphasis in hand-holding,” said project lead Chaironiichan of Team Bisugo. “It started off as a joke of sorts. Considering the connotation of ‘hand-holding’ in the internet nowadays. But as we developed the concept. The characters started to come to life. Then the setting, then the protagonist and his decisions. Suddenly, we built a world where love was needed to prevail. Sure, the ‘hand-holding’ scenes still make us grin from time to time. But as development went on, it just became something more sincere. Which I think is why the players really liked our game.”

The Game Demo:

  • Demo is available for Linux, Mac, Windows PC.
  • A total of 10 Bad Endings and 3 Good Endings are possible.
  • Estimated play time: 30 min. to 2 hours. Depending on speed and level of completists
  • Demo is deliberately, “complete” and a stand alone. While various materials are likely to change for the full game.
  • Can you find the hidden easter egg ending?

Do Not Love – Violators Will Be Shot features a cut throat decision tree. As a result, this challenges players to make decisions. All based on their morality and gut instinct. Though the punishment on making the wrong choices can be rather drastic. Most result in the death of the protagonist. Making the right ones rewards you with more story. Along with world building, and relationship progress. Do Not Love features three romanceable characters. Likewise all have different themes and arcs for the main character as well as their partner.
Similarly, expect beautiful backgrounds and unique character art. Plus an original soundtrack that works to immerse the player. Presenting a narrative experience unlike any other.

Likewise, if you can appreciate the Demo. Be sure to support Do Not Love – Violators Will Be Shot on Kickstarter. If the campaign is successful, expect a day one support for Linux. Along with Mac and Windows PC.