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Dome Keeper roguelike mining action has a Demo

dome keeper roguelike mining action game has a demo for linux mac windows pc

Dome Keeper roguelike mining action game has a Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the effort behind developer Bippinbits. Working to make its way into a full release on Steam and GOG.

Just ahead of Steam Next Fest, developer Bippinbits unveils the newest demo. Doing so for its upcoming rogue-lite mining game Dome Keeper. While development continues, this new Steam demo features improved sounds and music. Also offering you more treacherous mines to explore. Along with a complete graphics overhaul and plenty of other goodies to check out.

Dome Keeper | Announcement Trailer

Dome Romantik has grown to become Dome Keeper with beautiful updated pixel art. Including atmospheric music and sound and more of everything. While you will defend your dome from wave after wave of hostile attacks. As you take part in this roguelike survival miner. Strategically spend your time between each attack digging beneath the surface. As you search for valuable resources. Also, be sure to use them carefully on powerful upgrades to help you stay alive and make it to the next world.


  • Engaging and Motivating: Easy to learn Dome Keeper gameplay with many ways to customize your play. Unlock new domes, characters and gadgets. All as you uncover the mysterious depths beneath your dome.
  • Meaningful Upgrades: A straight forward tech tree will challenge you with tough decisions. Having a direct impact on your play style and success.
  • Deeper and Deeper: Dig down into cave systems between attack waves. Search for valuable resources – but beware, the next wave is on its way!
  • Creatively Deadly: Monsters will surprise you with creative tricks to stop your mining operation.

Dome Keeper roguelike mining action game will also take an active part in Steam Next Fest. Along with offering support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. While gearing up to release in Q4 2022 on Steam and GOG.

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