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Dominions 5 turn based strategy coming to Linux

dominions 5 turn based strategy coming to linux mac windows games 2017

Dominions 5 – Warriors of the Faith development has been going on for quite a while now. So the game is getting close to finished for Linux, Mac and Windows. Therefore, if everything goes according to plan. The fantasy turn-based strategy will release on Steam, coming November 27, 2017. Below is a list of some major things that are different in the new Dominions 5. Which is going to be available for every multiplayer option. So local split screen to online cross-platform multiplayer coming with the 2017 release.

Combat in Dominions 5 differs quite a bit from how it was in the previous Dominions games. So now all units do their actions simultaneously. Therefore units will move at the same time as enemy arrows and spells go flying. With the simultaneous move it is no longer important who reaches whom first. The units reach each other simultaneously and it is random which one gets to strike first.

Large battles are now much quicker to watch as they do not take much longer to watch than the smaller ones, but the slow motion replay speed can be useful to take in all that is happening. For those that want all the details there are also detailed battle logs. Since these are available for each unit. So you can see where all the damage came from.

New for Dominions 5 is that a God’s bless effects sees customization, in detail. So this gives a new set of choices for the aspiring Gods. Battles have also receive a major change. And now feature simultaneous movement for all of the games participating units. Fireballs and arrows will now fly at the same time as everyone is moving. Or watching large battles will be quicker than before.

dominions 5 turn based strategy linux mac windows screenshot fireball

Dominions 5 New Features:

  • Real time combat
  • Per unit combat logs
  • Design your pretender’s bless effect
  • Priest’s banishment and smite spells will depend on what type of god he follows
  • History playback when game is over, see how dominion spread and provinces changed owners
  • New random maps with bridges and better looking terrains
  • New resource system with recruitment points that encourages recruiting in highly populated areas
  • Fortifications built by starting at the basic type, then upgrading it later
  • New research queue, researching is now one school at a time
  • New movement system
  • Winter shown on map and affects movement
  • Dominion overlay on map to clearly show its boundaries
  • New retreat system, good leaders can prevent units from dispersing in all directions
  • Updated user interface with information more clearly presented than before
  • New 3d-engine with better looking terrain, huge performance increase for good graphics cards
  • More reliable network, now works on less than perfect connections too
  • New nations
  • Some old nations have been reworked and updated
  • Linux, Mac and Windows support
  • More spells, magic items, special abilities, events, monsters, titles, thrones, ….

Since I cannot cover every detail for Dominions 5. The games coming to Steam on November 27, 2017. So do note, this “will be released simultaneously on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X as usual.”

dominions 5 turn based strategy linux mac windows screenshot huge fight

dominions 5 turn based strategy linux mac windows screenshot thaum

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