dont_forget_me releases Free prototype

dont_forget_me releases free prototype for linux mac windows pc

dont_forget_me releases a free prototype of the game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer The Moon Pirates. Which you can play ahead of the full release. Thanks to the support of a Kickstarter raising more than €10,075.

dont_forget_me takes place in a rather different world. One ruled by a totalitarian government controlled by a megacorporation. But in order not to repeat past mistakes. Each individual is also obliged to have a memory chip implanted. Since this records all his or her memories. Check out the free prototype on

The dont_forget_me story follows you playing Fran, a young woman with amnesia. You are taken in by Bernard, a specialist in memory copying. Also an illegal activity that he carries out in an undeclared clinic. Thanks to the copiers, people are able to keep duplicates of their memories off their chip. Which the government also subdues to avoid continuous rebellious ideas.
However, the arrival of a government man will change their daily lives. He has a secure chip. So you explore his most recent memories. You will also discover the existence of a tool in dont_forget_me. One for mass manipulation and crowd control called the Hivemind. And as a result of using this new technology. You can connect virtually to other chip carriers. While you delve into their memories to relive past scenes. All in order to conduct the investigation.

dont_forget_me – Teaser prototype

Who is behind the Hivemind? And more importantly, how will you choose to stop it?
Likewise, the player alternates between exploration scenes. All in which he must search for information in the dont_forget_me environment. Interactive dialogue scenes, and text puzzle scenes. While you delve into the memories of NPC’s. Looking for the right words. all in the manner of «Her story».

dont_forget_me will be released on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. There is no release date as of yet. Nor is there a price for the full game. But you can play the free prototype on

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