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Doomtrooper to hit Kickstarter September 25th

 doomtrooper to hit kickstarter september 25th in linux ubuntu mac windows pc games

Since elves, wizards, and dragons have reigned over collectable card games. Yet now it’s time to make room for demonic aliens, cybermechanical vehicles, and interplanetary chainsaw warfare. Due to Doomtrooper coming to Kickstarter Monday, September 25 for a 30-day campaign. While supporting Mac and Windows.

So this is not the good news. Developer Justin Reynard is a Solus Linux user. Therefore, we questioned native Linux support. Here’s what he had to say:

Hey Todd!

It’s a proprietary engine (more like a “framework” at this point). Made for cross platform CCG’s 🙂

I can’t speak officially for a linux release yet But my development is 95% done on linux (I’m a big supporter of Solus/Budgie WM!) and my demo stations at conventions run on Solus as well 🙂

I can say that if there is a standard on universally packing linux apps. And it’s supported by my build process I’ll definitely release a linux version!

Since all of this sounds great. There are a few other issues that Justin has to to face. Such as, “distribution models, flatpak, .deb, etc. And how much time I have to dedicate to supporting the build process.” Which is still impressive seeing the details we have do not include Linux or Ubuntu support at all.

Those Solus users are everywhere.

Doomtrooper is a digital adaptation of the physical card game by the same name. Its revival is possible thanks to childhood fan and founder of Secret Cow Level Justin Reynard (Fallout: New VegasAlpha ProtocolDungeon Siege III). Since he actively sought out the owners of the IP to make his dream project a reality. Together with Cabinet Entertainment and original designer Bryan Winter. Reynard now has a playable alpha. And now turning to crowdfunding to make Doomtrooper all that it can be.

doomtrooper to hit kickstarter september 25th in linux ubuntu mac windows pc games play card

Doomtrooper is one of the best collectible card games ever made,” said Justin Reynard. “And we’re so excited to bring it to the digital era.” Reynard and his team are dedicated to being as faithful to the original game as possible. Tweaking the rules only slightly and preserving all the core elements in a gameplay-first approach.

“We’re big fans of the digital CCGs already out there and super excited by the new ways players are able to engage with cards using modern platforms,” says Fredrik Malmberg, CEO of Cabinet Entertainment. “In the the middle of this genre resurgence, I think a lot of players will find Doomtrooper refreshing both thematically and from a gameplay perspective.”

So eligible Kickstarter backers can look forward to alpha access for Doomtrooper, when the campaign ends. As well as exclusive in-game rewards like custom card backs and classic card variants. Doomtrooper is planned to release on Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and Mac. With mobile platforms as the games Kickstarter stretch goal.

Tune in to a special livestream Monday, September 25 at 3:00 p.m. PDT / 6:00 p.m. EDT for an overview of Doomtrooper gameplay basics with Justin Reynard.

Doomtrooper is part of the Mutant Chronicles universe. A sci-fi IP that spawned comics, novels, and even a feature film. Doomtrooper’s original form, a highly successful physical card game from the 90s. Translated into 15 languages, received 6 expansions, and spanned almost 200 million manufactured cards.

For more details:

Don’t miss future updates by following Doomtrooperon Facebook and Twitter @DoomtrooperGame. Sign up for Beta access on the official website. Stay tuned for more Kickstarter details for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

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