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dotAGE is Steam Deck Verified – officially

dotage is steam deck verified for the roguelite turn-based city builder game on linux mac and windows pc

dotAGE is Steam Deck Verified for the roguelite turn-based city builder game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing support from developer Michele Pirovano. Available on Steam with 94% Very Positive reviews.

Have you heard about dotAGE on Steam Deck? It’s a title that’s perfect for anyone who likes strategy in a roguelite turn-based city builder. It launched on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, October 4th, 2023, and officially verified for Steam Deck. Which works great on the platform.

So, what does dotAGE bring to Steam Deck? Imagine you’re the leader of a small village. Your job is to help your village survive and grow. While you plant crops, take care of animals, and manage resources. It’s a bit like those worker placement board games where you have to think about where to put your workers to make the most out of them.

The control setup is really good. You can use a controller, and it’s easy to rename your characters using the on-screen keyboard. Plus, the developers have made sure it runs smoothly, even if your village gets huge. Or if you’re playing on less powerful hardware.

If you haven’t tried playing it on the Steam Deck, you’re missing out on dotAGE, especially if you have the new OLED model. It’s supposed to be a blast to play on it.

dotAGE Launch Trailer – now Steam Deck Verified too

What makes dotAGE on Steam Deck stand out, it’s deep worker placement mechanics. You’re in charge of building your village and assigning tasks to your villagers, like growing food, taking care of animals, and even sad tasks like burying villagers who didn’t make it. You’ll also be crafting tools, improving buildings, training skilled workers, and creating different resources. Every decision counts, so think carefully before you end your turn.

The game is full of surprises because the Elder, your guide, doesn’t remember everything at first. Each time you play, you’ll also discover new buildings, professions, and resources – over 200 buildings, 30 different jobs, and 70 resources, to be precise. As you play, the Elder remembers more, unlocking new mechanics and content like dealing with diseases, VIP characters, and new Elders.

In dotAGE, each turn brings new challenges to players on Steam Deck. The Domains – forces in the game world – will throw different events at your village, like poison, diseases, earthquakes, and even kittens. So your goal is to manage these challenges and figure out why the apocalypse is happening.

You’re playing as the Elder, a kind of prophet for your village. Therefore your job is to guide your villagers, known as Pips, through tough times and uncover the mystery of the apocalypse.

Steam Deck support for dotAGE combines the fun of building and managing a village with strategic thinking and something new in every play through. It’s like being the chief of your own little world, with a mix of building, strategy, and dealing with unexpected events. This roguelite turn-based city builder is certainly a unique experience you won’t want to miss. Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. While priced at $17.59 USD / £14.99 / 17,49€ on Steam.

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