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dotAGE roguelite city builder is a success

dotage roguelite turn-based city builder game launch is a success on linux mac and windows pc

dotAGE roguelite turn-based city builder game launch is a success on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to Michele Pirovano for his amazing creativity. Available on Steam with 97% Very Positive reviews.

Imagine being in charge of a hidden village at the brink of an apocalypse. While the survival of your people, called Pips, rests in your hands. That’s what you’ll face in dotAGE, an interactive game on Steam. This digital adventure development uses Unity 3D and a success on Linux.

In the virtual realm of dotAGE, you step into the shoes of a visionary elder who foresees the looming end of the world. Your primary responsibility? Help your Pips steer through the challenges of the apocalypse. This involves building up your village, a task not as simple as it sounds. While each day requires you to strategize and assign chores to the villagers. So you have to cultivate crops, look after animals, manage the dead, craft essential tools, upgrade infrastructure, and much more. It’s all about making wise choices before time runs out – each turn you take.

As the elder’s memories start flooding back, you’ll uncover fresh features in dotAGE. Such as VIP characters and tales of past visionaries. A mystery surrounds the cause of the apocalypse, and it’s your quest to unravel it. But brace yourself! As time progresses, the Domains, which are mystical forces, launch increasingly horrible challenges at your village. These range from poison, to disease, to earthquakes, to kittens.

dotAGE Launch Trailer

For those who like a challenge, you’ll be pleased to know there are varying difficulty tiers. So whether you’re someone who likes a laid-back game with charming graphics. Or someone who thrives on pushing their limits, there’s something for everyone.

A noteworthy mention goes to the audible ambiance of the dotAGE adventure. Which also features authentic medieval tunes sourced from the Montpellier Codex. These tracks have been given a modern twist thanks to the talents of Luigi di Guida.

The brain behind dotAGE is Michele Pirovano, a dedicated creator from Italy. What’s truly heartwarming is the fact that this masterpiece took him nearly a decade to craft. Carefully working on this roguelite turn-based city builder in his spare time. It’s also evident that this creation is a nostalgic nod to the titles he loved growing up.

In essence, the roguelite turn-based city builder offers an exciting fusion. While blending strategy, storytelling, and the unknown random events. So, gear up and prepare to embark on a journey that’s both challenging and rewarding via Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. dotAGE is priced at $17.59 USD / £14.99 / 17,49€ on Steam.

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