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Double Fine Adventure Reaches $3 Million Goal; Largest Project In Kickstarter History

Just the other day, Kickstarter, the funding platform responsible for Double Fine’s newest game Double Fine Adventure announced that the game is the largest project in their own personal history. On top of that, they also stated that Double Fine’s new game actually brought over 60,000 new supporters to the site. The total contribution data for Double Fine Adventure is listed below.

– Dollars Pledged: $3,336,371
– Total Backers: 87,142
– First-Time Backers: 61,692 (71%)

Its simply amazing that just one game can bring in such a plethora of new backers in such a small amount of time. Kickstarter did an experiment to show the number of pledges on average per week in the video game category. The graph below illustrates the results of such (Double Fine Adventure excluded). The point where Double Fine launched their game is indicated by the dotted line on the graph.

Kickstarter further elaborated on the graph by stating that items in the video games category usually averaged a mere 629 pledges weekly, but following the launch of Double Fine Adventure, that number spiked all the way up to 9,775 weekly. Such information proves that even though supporters may have originally only come to support Double Fine, they regardless stayed and supported various other projects in the video game category. In Kickstarter’s first two years, over $1.75 million was pledged to items in the video games category, which is quite a great number. In the span of only six weeks following Double Fine launching the funding for their new title, almost $2.9 million was pledged to a variety of titles in the video game category.

Kickstarter went on to add “Before Double Fine, one video game project had exceeded $100,000. Now, nine have.” Maybe if contributors keep doing their thing, we will be seeing many more great games to come in the future as a result.

Double Fine Adventure is expected to be released in October of this year for PC, Mac, and Linux, but may release earlier due to “increased budget”.