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Double Fine plan to remaster Day of the Tentacle after Grim Fandango


A glorious day where games #announced for #rerelease on modern #platforms, Day of the Tentacle will do just that. Tim Schafer took the stage at the PlayStation Experience keynote today first to remind everyone that Grim Fandango is being remastered for a January 27 release on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4, but didn’t leave the stage until he also announced that Day of the Tentacle would be remastered next.

Yes, the Maniac Mansion spin-off featuring three unlikely losers (unlikely that they’re involved in an adventure that is, as they’re very likely losers) fighting through time itself to defeat an insane tentacle come to life. It’s an adventure game, LucasArts sets you loose in a hotel and you have got to search the place in order to knock over a stereo speaker to dislodge gum holding a quarter, etc. It’s a good thing Double Fine is bringing it back.

Day of the Tentacle will be remastered in 2015 for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and also PS Vita. Its development will kick off as work is completed on Grim Fandango. We can only imagine what projects will follow those two titles up. Maybe Full Throttle? Look forward to more information soon.


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