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Double Fine Productions Chooses Moai Game Development Platform as Basis for Double Fine Adventure

The world’s most successfully crowd-funded game to be released for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and Linux using Moai SDK and Moai Cloud.

Zipline Games today announced that Double Fine Adventure, the widely anticipated and community-backed adventure game by Double Fine Productions, is being developed on the Moai Platform. Double Fine Adventure made history in March by raising more than $3.3 million from fans and backers on, more than doubling the previous Kickstarter project funding record.

As part of their commitment to film the development of the already-famous new title, Double Fine has created a video interview covering the reasons behind their choice of Moai and showing some of the very earliest Double Fine Adventure development prototypes. This new video is now available on the web site.

“We’ve chosen Moai as the technology platform for our new adventure game,” said Tim Schafer, CEO of Double Fine Productions. “Moai’s supposed to be awesome, but since I’m not smart enough to tell you all the reasons why, I’ll just turn it over to the Double Fine developers to explain.”

“We built the first demo of Double Fine Adventure in 2 days using Moai,” added Nathan Martz, Technical Director at Double Fine Productions, “Gameplay changes take seconds instead of minutes because you can do almost all your work in Lua. Then we can build both client and cloud features for the game in the same language.”

“We like to control every aspect of our games in order to bring Tim’s awesome, crazy ideas to life, and because Moai is open source we can change any line of code we need to,” Martz added. “Plus the fans asked for Double Fine Adventure on five different PC, tablet, and mobile phone platforms, and Moai supports them all with a single core codebase. It was the best choice for us.”

“I’m not as funny as Tim, so I’ll just say that all of us at Zipline Games couldn’t be happier,” said Todd Hooper, CEO of Zipline Games. Double Fine does amazing work, and we’re proud to have Moai enabling their creativity on Double Fine Adventure.”

Double Fine Adventure is expected to be released in Spring 2013.

Moai is earning a track record as the technology platform of choice for high-profile independent studios, as it is also the technology platform powering Shadowrun Returns (the third-highest funded Kickstarter project of all time at over $1.8 million), in development by Harebrained Schemes.


About the Moai Game Development Platform
Moai helps game developers build better games, faster, and get them into the hands of more players via major modern app stores such as iOS, Android, Amazon and Chrome. Moai offers mobile game developers a scalable cloud platform for game services, downloadable content and persistent data storage and it includes a no-compromise, open-source SDK for developing game clients using Lua. Developers interested in Moai can create a free account today at

About Zipline Games
Zipline Games is a Seattle-based mobile games company and the creator of the Moai game development platform. Zipline’s first studio title, Wolf Toss, is a hit mobile game with over 2 million players on iOS, Android, and Chrome. Zipline was founded by game industry veterans experienced with the challenges of game development and with the vision of making development faster and easier so developers can focus on creating innovative games with great game play. Zipline’s investors include Founders Co-Op, Benaroya Capital and Groundspeak. For more information, please visit
About Double Fine Productions

Double Fine Productions is a San Francisco-based game developer that makes games with a focus on creativity, characters, and fun. Since its founding in 2000, it has produced the award-winning titles Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade, Double Fine Happy Action Theater, and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. Learn more about Double Fine at


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