Double Fine publishes mountain simulator for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

The next #game to launch courtesy of #DoubleFine’s publishing program is Mountain, an artistic simulation game that’s now available on Linux, Mac, Windows PC via the game’s site and iOS for $1. Publisher Double Fine Productions announced via Twitter:

Mountain by David O’Relly, a filmmaker who has also written and directed an episode of cartoon series Adventure Time, gives players control over just that — a mountain. The game opens by asking players “questions designed to be far more psychologically invasive than anything Facebook wants to know about you,” O’Reilly said at the Horizon event earlier this year.  Three “questions” are ask of the players in the form of single words with drawings, then the game generates a mountain with the drawings on it. The mountain changes as the omniscient players tap out music on their keyboards, watching weather cycles pass and, as the developer puts it, seeing nature “expressing itself.”

The mountain remains immovable and there are no controls — players watch things grow and die as nature takes it own course. According to the iTunes App Store listing, there are 50 hours of gameplay and the game saves automatically.

Mountain is part of the indie studio’s Double Fine Presents label, through which the company assists small indie games with the publishing process — you can buy it hereThe endeavor launched in March with MagicalTimeBean’s Escape Goat 2.


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