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Double Fine releases Adventure documentary to public, opens PayPal donations

The story of Tim Schafers game-making adventure


Fans of video games who are not yet fans of backing Kickstarter projects like Double Fine’s record-breaking adventure game needn’t miss out on the behind-the-scenes story of Tim Schafer’s game-making adventure. Double Fine released the first-episode of the 2 Player Productions documentary series to the public today.

Previously available only to backers of the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter drive, the episode, “A Perfect Storm for Adventure,” offers a peek into the early days of the fundraiser and the ensuing whirlwind of attention for Schafer and crew. It’s also chock full of laughs.

Watch as Schafer, Ron Gilbert and the Double Fine team sweat the pre-launch details, celebrate their millions and milestones, and chat with NPR


If the first episode of the Double Fine Adventure documentary series inspires you to kick in a few bucks for the project this late in the game, Double Fine has opened up PayPal donations at its (currently overwhelmed) web site. Doing so can net you a DRM-free download of the game for PC, Mac, Linux and/or Android, a Steam code for the game, access to the beta via Steam, high-def streaming versions of the 2Player Productions documentary series and access to the game’s private forums.


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