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Double Fine’s Massive Chalice Reaches Kickstarter Goal

The Kickstarter campaign for Double Fine Productions’ Massive Chalice drew to a close today. Backers gave over $1.2 million to the PC/Mac/Linux strategy, putting it well above the initial goal of $725,000.

Massive Chalice puts players in charge of their own kingdom. As an immortal king or queen, they’ll lead their country over the centuries. They must direct small squads of heroes in battles against demons. These heroes will grow in power over time. However, if they die in battle, they’re gone for good. They can die of old age as well if they survive long enough.

Off the battlefield, players will have to do whatever they can to whip their fighting force into shape. They can craft new weapons and armors and research demonic artifacts to outfit their heroes. To ensure that the heroes are strong enough to beat the demons, they must arrange marriages that will create powerful bloodlines.

Double Fine says that the game was inspired by X-Com, Final Fantasy Tactics and other turn-based strategy games. The politics of Game of Thrones were an inspiration as well.

“Drawing from roguelikes we love, content is modular and randomized,” said Double Fine of the game. “Each playthrough begins with a random assortment of male and female heroes from various bloodlines, guaranteeing that each game is unique. Your knowledge and skill will increase over multiple playthroughs, but the details of every game will change based on your decisions and the whims of fate.”

Double Fine hasn’t said what they’re going to do with the money they’ve raised above their initial crowd-funding goal. They simply state for now that the scope of the game will grow based on the funding. Multiplayer and additional platforms are some of the possible features they mention in the Kickstarter FAQ.

If you’re still interested in being a backer, head to the game’s website. You’ll get a DRM-free copy of the game and earn some exclusive rewards as well by donating through PayPal or BitCoin. The backer rewards include a behind-the-scenes documentary, a forum badge and digital soundtrack. If you pay $100, you’ll be able to appear in the game as one of the possible Bloodlines.

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