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Draft of Darkness to release version 1.0 soon

draft of darkness survival horror deck builder game version 1.0 out soon on linux and windows pc

Draft of Darkness survival horror deck builder version 1.0 out soon on Linux and Windows PC. We owe a hearty thanks to the ingenious team at Crawly Games. Currently available via Steam Early Access with 94% Very Positive views.

The survival horror deck builder, Draft of Darkness, hit early access around July 2021. The lone wolf dev, Crawly Games, has announced it’s morphing into its final form. Mark your calendar for August 23rd, that’s when the full release takes place on Linux in version 1.0.

The action of Draft of Darkness takes place in a city that’s seen better days, with a serious need for some lightbulbs. Since it is actually a maze, twisted and full of horrible creatures. Some of these enemies might fall to a swift one two punch. While others force you to be clever and take ’em out of the game with solid tactics.

Making the right choices isn’t just about surviving combat, it’s also about lasting through the blackened city. You’ll carry your scars and badges of honor through it all. Only shedding them by smart moves and quick thinking. And let me tell you, making your deck and gear better involves dealing with and using what you find along the way. Since every choice you make in Draft of Darkness has outcomes for you.

Catch the wicked trailer for the Steam 1.0 release if you want a sneak peek.

Draft of Darkness v1.0 Release Announcement Trailer

In Draft of Darkness, it’s not just about what’s in your deck, it’s also about what’s in your holster. You’ve got weapons and attack cards, but those weapons need the right ammo to work. And looting? That’s just half the fun, since you have to balance how much you use on the go. It’s a bit like juggling, you know? Keeping everything in the air without dropping the ball.

The real kicker, though? The secret story locked away in this rad low-fi world. Every run brings new faces, wacky interactive doodads, and some truly out-there foods to keep your crew fueled. Dig deep, follow the clues, and you’ll unravel the dark heart of this story.

Since its early access debut on Linux, Draft of Darkness has seriously leveled up. Since the game includes 260-plus new cards, four fresh survivors, five new companion types to pal around with. Also five weapons, 11 epic boss showdowns, 58 new decision / story events, 45 unique items, and even three alternative endings.

And about the gameplay:

  • A card is only as good as its weapon? Balancing your weapons and deck, that’s what Draft of Darkness is all about. Stay sharp, since the shadows are full of nasty surprises.
  • Is the darkness better as a group? Try managing a team of survivors, dodging radiation and infection while you’re at it.
  • Every death brings rewards. You’ll score credits to snag booster packs and new starting cards. It’s like they say, “Every fall is a new opportunity.”
  • Finally, every choice you make shapes the story in Draft of Darkness. With a unique “meta-story progression” system, the outcomes can change in every run. Just remember, some choices will have serious outcomes.

Draft of Darkness survival horror deck builder version 1.0 is due to take you on the ride of a lifetime on August 23rd. Available on Linux and Windows PC. Priced at $9.99 USD / £7.19 / 8,19€ on Steam Early Access. The launch will see an increase ot $17.99 USD / £14.99/ 17.49€.

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