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DRAG multiplayer sci-fi racing has a native Demo

drag multiplayer sci-fi racing has a linux demo as well as windows pc

DRAG multiplayer Sci-Fi racing game has a Linux Demo along with Windows PC right now. Thanks to developer Orontes Games. Available now and lets you get more get into gameplay during the Steam Game Festival.

DRAG comes with innovative road vehicle physics. While dynamic wheel loads cause true physical weight shifts. Just in case fast racing on loose ground isn’t enough of a challenge. Try the native Demo for a limited time on Steam during the Steam Game Festival. Available now until June 22nd. As you compete for a place on the global leaderboard. Since you will take on one of the 24 single player challenges selected for this demo.

Unfortunately, there is a black issue happening for some people. According the Discussion post, the developer are “not quite sure what the cause is yet.” So check it out for yourself. But due note, there is a known bug, myself included. DRAG shows it’s running on Steam and in my process list. But it doesn’t launch. The same issue with using the Windows PC build with Proton. Also note, Pressing A on the controller is boost. But the boost is supposed to be multiplayer only.

You can also Win a free copy of the full game at launch. Simply by competing in the DRAG Demo Challenge during the Steam Game Festival. To win, you must achieve one of the ten fastest times according to the Demo leaderboard. Doing so by the end of the event on June 22nd. The end result counts!

DRAG – Early Access Trailer

DRAG introduces a new kind of vehicle physics. Have you ever noticed how cars in many racing games pivot around their center? With the 4CPT-technology and soft-body tire model. This simulates every component of the vehicles in real time. Right down to the grab-mass of the tire profile. Resulting in realistic, dynamic behavior. Driving fast on loose surface without driving aids is exciting. It’s also challenging and ultimately hard to master. The driving feel is pure.

Early Access release Features:

  • DRAG combines arcade style racing with vibrant driving mechanics.
  • Even though DRAG is not a simple arcade racer, it’s designed to be played with a gamepad or keyboard. Support for racing wheels will be added in Early Access.
  • 24 Singleplayer challenges
  • Multiplayer wheel-to-wheel racing in online or split screen matches

The Linux Demo is also available for Windows PC. And can be downloaded the multiplayer sci-fi racing directly from the DRAG Steam store page below. Make sure to wishlist the game if you haven’t already.

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