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Dragon Audit getting close to a native build

dragon audit getting close to a native build for linux beside windows pc demo

Dragon Audit getting close to a native build for Linux along with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Archive Entertainment. Due to arrive sometime in 2020 on Steam. Which still has a Demo available from the Steam Game Festival.

Archive Entertainment is eager to details of the new, approximately one hour long demo. Since the gameplay is inspired by classic point & click adventure games. While including 3D anime inspired visuals and a heartfelt story. Available for their upcoming Windows PC and console title, Dragon Audit. But also getting close to a confirmed Linux build as well.

Therefore, as of this moment, Archive Entertainment have only 6 Wishlists for a Linux build. While the “build pipeline tooling is now a lot more robust”. So that is a good sign. Not only this, “but if it does turn out to be technically and commercially viable. The build system will make it easier to keep it up-to-date and in sync with the windows build.”

So what this boils down too. The Dragon Audit Linux build is in the mix but of course, Windows PC has priority. And since the game engine is Unity 3D, you would think that porting would be a given. But the community Wishlist support for Linux is minimal. That being said, their development pipeline is moving along a lot further. Which means we are more likely to see a native build.

Dragon Audit – Announcement Trailer

Also the Dragon Audit free public Windows PC demo works well via Proton on Linux. So for all you comedy romance, point and click gamers, you can take it for a spin.

In a world teeming with magic and danger. A city of accountants exists behind high walls and generally unacceptable accounting principles. A battle accountant there, George, has the unenviable task. Since he has to leave the safety of the city in order to storm a nearby castle. Then slay the dragon, rescue the princess, and rescue the unpaid tax revenue.
Meanwhile, Ayraw (the dragon), is tired of knights showing up to slay her. And is also a bit jealous no one ever wants to rescue her. So she comes up with a plan to trick George into rescuing her. You know, instead of rescuing the princess. Hijinks ensue as the two team up, the unlikely duo slowly grow closer through their shared adventure.

The demo will be accessible from the Dragon Audit Steam Store Page. Due to arrive on Windows PC. But is also getting close to a native build which is far more plausible. Check it out in the link below.

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