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Dragon Audit romantic comedy holds onto support

dragon audit romantic comedy holds onto support in linux gaming with windows pc

Dragon Audit romantic comedy holds onto support in Linux gaming with Windows PC. According to further details from developer Archive Entertainment. Who just released the title on Steam, without a native build.

The new title, Dragon Audit, is now available on Windows PC. A 3D adventure inspired by classic point and clicks. While mixing in comedy, light puzzle solving, and a heartfelt story. But we have an update for Linux gaming and the future plans.

Now that Win64 is out, current priority is on to PS4 + Switch and getting those versions done. I might loop back and do Linux version after. But we still only have 8 Linux wishlists.

Since this makes plans for pretty tentative for Dragon Audit on Linux. The developer is still eager to see more Wishlist support from the community. In the mean time, they are still holding onto Linux support on the sidelines.
Right now we know the demo runs well using Proton. As does developer Archive Entertainment. So the full game should work just fine, should you be good with the Steam Play option. If not, then it means waiting for native support. And hopefully, more positive reviews on Steam to invite further interest.

Dragon Audit – Launch Trailer

In a world teeming with magic and danger. A city of accountants exists which has sequestered itself behind high walls. And generally unacceptable accounting principles. Dragon Audit follows a battle accountant there, George. Who has the unenviable task. Which means leaving the safety of the city in order to storm a nearby castle. Then slay the dragon, rescue the princess, and rescue the unpaid tax revenue. Meanwhile, Ayraw (the dragon), is tired of knights showing up to slay her. She is also a bit jealous no one ever wants to rescue her. Therefore she concocts a plan to trick George into rescuing her. That is, instead of rescuing the princess. Hijinks ensue as the two team up. The unlikely duo slowly growing closer through their shared adventure.

“In the spirit of classic adventure games. Dragon Audit combines lighthearted humor with the undertones of a serious story. You’ll get to meet a cast of quirky characters. Solve puzzles, find all sorts of jokes in the interactable 3D environment. And explore the backstories of our two protagonists,” said Robby Zinchak, the writer and director of the project.

Right now, the Windows PC version of Dragon Audit is available on Steam and official website. The romantic comedy game retails for $9.99 USD. With a bundle including bonus content available for $14.99 USD. Console versions are also in development. Due to be released in the future on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation4. Which is forward compatible with Sony PlayStation5. While support in Linux gaming is being reviewed again after the console releases.

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