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Drakkon World Builder world-building now out

drakkon world builder tabletop world-building game launches on linux and windows pc steam deck playable

Drakkon World Builder tabletop world-building game launches on Linux and Windows PC, but is Steam Deck playable. The innovative team at Electric Falcon is the driving force behind this creative endeavor. Available on Steam with 95% Positive reviews.

Drakkon World Builder is a fantastic toolkit designed for those who like creating and engaging in tabletop world-building adventures. This isn’t just a simple set of tools; it’s a powerhouse for creativity and storytelling. Perfect for whether you’re diving into adventures alone, teaming up with a friend, or a whole group of friends.

You’re a master of a vast, uncharted universe, or perhaps an explorer in a land brimming with mystery and danger. The Drakkon World Builder grants you the power to bring these universes to life on Linux and Steam Deck. It starts with a world generator, an incredibly flexible system that crafts a digital landscape. You can also zoom in and out, just like you might with online maps when you’re checking out new places.

Now picture this: towns, villages, towers, dungeons, and hidden places of intrigue, all showing up on your game map. It doesn’t stop there. Since each of these places comes alive with characters, potential challenges, and secrets waiting to find. This isn’t a world of empty buildings and silent stones; it’s a tapestry rich with stories, quests, and unexpected twists.

What if you’re flying solo, without someone to guide your quest? That’s where the Drakkon World Builder oracle system comes in. It steps in like an invisible guide, helping you make decisions and move your story forward. Always ready with advice or a nudge in the right direction when you face tough choices or need a spark of inspiration.

Drakkon World Builder Trailer

Rolling dice is a big part of the thrill in these adventures. The extensive dice roller in this toolkit mimics the real thing. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about the fate they decide as they clatter across the table. Except here, it’s digital and instant.

If you’re keen on the thrill of exploration, the real-time dungeon generator is your key to endless labyrinths and lairs. With a few clicks, you’ll have a mapped-out and ready to explore dungeon for Linux or Steam Deck. Each one is unique and filled with peril and plunder.

And it’s not just about places. The tabletop world-building toolkit also has generators that whip up characters you can meet and challenges you can undertake. The weather that might bless or curse your travels and the relationships between people you encounter. Even the treasures you might find.

While you’re embarking on these adventures, the Drakkon World Builder gives you space to note everything noteworthy. Due to be like a legendary tome, keeping a record of your heroic deeds, the places you’ve visited, and the people you’ve met.

Want to leave your own mark on this world? You can! Add your own places of interest right on the map. And with a variety of graphic themes, your world’s look and feel can switch from an ancient map to a spy’s satellite view. Since this can be whatever sets the right mood for your story.

When you’re proud of what you’ve created, you can export it as a PNG file. This means you can print it out for your tabletop or send it to friends to marvel at your world-crafting skills.


And for the tech-savvy creators, modding support means you can tweak and tune the toolkit to your heart’s content. Make it your own game, bending the Drakkon World Builder to fit your vision.

Lastly, there’s a 3D mode for when you want to dive even deeper into the visual aspect of your adventure games. Due to make your creations pop out of the screen and come to life in a way that flat maps just can’t match.

In short, Drakkon World Builder” isn’t just a set of tools; it’s a gateway to worlds of your making. While offering a level of depth that brings your stories to life in ways you might not have thought possible. So whether you’re an avid fan or new to the realm of tabletop storytelling, this toolkit has something to ignite your imagination. And is due to keep your tales spinning for years to come. Priced at $2.39 USD / £1.99 / 2,39€ with the 20% discount on Steam. Available on Linux, Steam Deck playable, and Windows PC.

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