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Dreadnought dev’s will “look at other platforms”

dreadnought dev's will look at other platforms Linux

Dreadnought is a free tactical game for Windows, but Linux support may be on the horizon according to dev’s. Six Foot announces the release of their tactical massive space cruisers colliding game. Also celebrating the recent Steam debut for Windows PC.

Dreadnought now has a premiere update to stand behind the controls of these giant ships. While introducing a new look to the game with improved UI. As well as two new languages ​​- Russian and simplified Chinese. Players who previously played Dreadnought on Windows can also link their existing accounts to a Steam account. Doing so without losing any progress or achievements.

Linux Dev’s on Support:

“We have not determined our plans for supporting Linux, but we are fans of the OS and it is something we will certainly consider as we look at other platforms.”

Since Unreal Engine 4 is the game engine of choice here. One would hope that native Linux support would be a given. There is also a closed Steam Discussions thread saying no to plans for a Linux release. It would appear that Six Foot is keeping platform options in perspective. And being that the dev’s are a fan of the OS, chances are looking good.

As part of celebrating the release, Six Foot has a completely new trailer. This also introduces players to the Dreadnought universe. Since you get a glimpse of the ships available in the game.

Dreadnought Steam Launch Gameplay Trailer (Windows, no Linux yet)

Dreadnought is a team action game in which massive space ships clash with each other. Doing so in matches of 8 out of 8 players in scattered locations throughout the entire system. With over 70 ships divided into 5 classes for players. You can also customize and unlock modules for the battlefield.

Aspiring captains will be able to fight in many game modes. Such as Team Deathmatch, Onslaught – in which players fight not only against each other. But also neutral AI or Conquest ships, where teams fight for influence over the largest terrain.

While the Dreadnought dev’s consider expanding support to Linux, the games Free to Play on Windows.

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