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Dream Engines: Nomad Cities city building update

dream engines: nomad cities city building update for linux gaming and windows pc

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities city building update for Linux gaming and Windows PC. According to details from developer Suncrash. Which is slated to made a debut on Steam Early Access and GOG this March. So we decided to share some further news.

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities is an action RPG, flying city building game. Where players build, automate, and defend a flying city. All to survive in a wacky, nightmare infested, post apocalyptic world. A stunning looking world full of strange science and dreams.

Having had my an eye on Dream Engines: Nomad Cities for some time. This gorgeous looking game mixes in a mix of city building with survival. While the Steam and GOG pages only show Windows PC support. Developer Suncrash are not ruling out Linux gaming in the future.

We have very limited resources. And will not be considering any additional platforms until the game is almost finished.

The main concern for Dream Engines: Nomad Cities is development. Like many developers, Suncrash are trying to keep resources in perspective. Therefore, early access is due to last between one to two years. But the good news, Unity 3D is the game engine of choice. This means the use of Proton during the development stage should be an option. And the developers are not saying no to Linux gaming. Rather they are just postponing additional platforms until launch.

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities Gameplay Trailer


  • Design a flying city, the last hope of your people.
  • Survive in a strange and dark post apocalyptic world.
  • Manage production lines when resources are scarce in Dream Engines: Nomad Cities.
  • Choose when to stand your ground and when to relocate away from danger.
  • Control a customizable steambot to explore a quirky world full of strange science and dreams.
  • Balance between expanding your city and building disposable infrastructure that will be abandoned when you are forced to flee.
  • Keep an eye on your city’s weight and fuel supply, or you’ll find yourself grounded at just the wrong time.

Suncrash, the developers behind flying city building game Dream Engines: Nomad Cities have just released their second major update. The Outskirts update lets players build entire industrial areas outside the city. Alls adding a lot of depth and interest to the city building aspect of the game. This new city building update is immediately avaialble to all alpha players.

Some of the main changes:

  • Players can now build outside of the main flying city platform. Dream Engines: Nomad Cities is encouraging players to build more of everything. While making the most of their time on land.
  • More automation – resource harvesters are now available from the start. So that players can build rails outside the city, instead of manually harvesting resources.
  • Each landing now lasts longer. Allowing for more city planning and exploiting more of the Dream Engines: Nomad Cities map before having to fly away.
  • Added a building add-on system that allows players to customize their buildings for specific needs.
  • Major re-balance of the economy to encourage more construction. Taking over more areas of the map. Also defending them for as long as you can.
  • New buildings and resources for a deeper economic simulation.
  • Players can now move buildings in and out of the city, and have to make hard choices of which buildings to keep and which to leave behind.

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities action RPG city building game is due out in March 2021. Releasing on both Steam Early Access and GOG. Arriving on Windows PC but Suncrash are not discarding Linux gaming. So stay tuned.

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