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Dreamcast emulator Reicast arrives in Alpha on Android

Somewhat inspired by the latest Humble Bundle, Linux Game News came across this tidbit of information. And rather impressive if you are an Android gamer who appreciates the retro stylings of classic Dreamcast games.

Reicast, a multi-platform Dreamcast emulator made a debut on Android today. Reicast is actually a fork of Nulldce for those of you familiar with that emulator. This release is being labeled as an Alpha version but once you dive into it, Reicast seems to have more of a beta feel to it.

Before you rush over to Google Play to download this new emulator, there are minimum hardware requirements that you’ll want to have before bothering to try this emulator out. The developers are stating that you should have at least a Cortex-A9 Dual-core, 1Ghz+ processor in your Android device to ensure you get decent speeds when playing games using Reicast.

Other requirements are more software related. You’ll need the Dreamcast BIOS for this emulator to work. You’ll need to put it on /sdcard/dc/data/dc_boot.bin. The Dreamcast flash is located on /sdcard/dc/data/dc_flash.bin.

So far, even as an Alpha version, this emulator runs great and can already play plenty of games, most running at full speed such as Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur, Metropolis Street Racer, Marvel vs Capcom and more. Since this is an Alpha release, there may be bugs that pop up but so far Reicast shows a lot of promise. For those of you interested in picking this new emulator up, you can do so off of Google Play for free.

For those of you who happen to own an Ouya, it appears that Reicast works pretty good on the Android-powered console as well.

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