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Dreamfall Chapters coming Linux, Mac, Windows PC, PS4 and release date revealed

Dreamfall Chapters, the latest addition to the Dreamfall Series, got a #newtrailer, highlighting its gameplay. This game will be available on the PS4 soon and the trailer highlights bits and pieces from the #gameplay.

Kian Alvane and Zoe Castillo, the protagonists of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, feature in the trailer, while we have confirmation that the upcoming instalment is based on the same geographic region as its previous instalments.

The two worlds that we presently know of include a magic realm and a dark and evil version of the Earth. Kian and Zoe are on a mission to uncover a cure for a dreaming disease, which is lurking around the world, waiting to tear reality into pieces.

Insiders suggest that Dreamfall Chapters will have a captivating storyline and gameplay while initial screenshots revealed by the trailer indicate at an impressive graphics capability too! This game was initially crowd-funded through Kickstarter, which managed to raise around $1.5 Million.

Even though this game was initially expected to release simultaneously on the Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, game makers Red Thread Games wanted to offer the next instalment  to next-gen gaming consoles too. Hence, PS4 was added to the list.

The makers have confirmed that the game will be released in two parts, and the first instalment has been confirmed for November 2014. Red Thread Games has designed Dreamfall Chapters on the Unity 4 engine, which is capable of featuring a 3D environment.

Dreamfall Chapters will not involve in-game combat, and this has been confirmed by the makers. Players will have to make in-game choices, based on which the gameplay will progress.

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