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Dreamfall Chapters now available on Unity 5 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Dreamfall Chapters had a major #makeover, which now is graphically more vivid, particularly with the in-game #performance.
What actually took place. Somewhere in the #development of Dreamfall Chapters, Unity 4 started to be phased out and replaced with Unity 5. Then Red Thread where faced with major performance issues using the original engine, until they finally converted the game to Unity 5.

Over on, the studios lead Ragnar Tørnquist admitted the conversion has been quite difficult and expensive, almost ending up a disaster for the indie team.

“Several hundred thousands of dollars is a massive pile of cash. Knowing what we know today, the decision to upgrade would have been a lot harder,” he said.

Check out the screenshots below from the Unity 5 build, while Dreamfall Chapters is now available with a 50% discount on Steam.
Ragnar Tørnquist also mentioned that Red Thread’s artists are still working on adjusting the lighting, so character’s faces not being lit for some scenes will be fixed.

Dreamfall Chapters Book Four is coming soon, which is just a heads up.





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