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Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey coming to Linux

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Okay, so now that I have you attention. Let me go on and explain. In a recent update to their Kickstarter campaign, Red Thread Games are keen to bring their currently title Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey to Linux and Mac.

Here is the official word from Update #7:

We’re fast approaching our original $850,000 goal and our first week on Kickstarter! To celebrate this fact we’re revealing our first three stretch goals.

These goals include the much-anticipated Mac and Linux versions at $900,000, represented here via our old friend Wonkers and some new toys!


We’re also revealing a little teaser for our ultimate stretch goal. The $2 million mark will introduce The Longest Journey Home.

Exactly what that last one means, we won’t reveal quite yet. We want to get a little bit closer before we’ll let the secret out of the bag, but feel free to speculate in the comments!

Here, then, are our first three stretch goals:

  • $900,000 – Apples & Penguins: Mac and Linux versions of Dreamfall Chapters. Pledgers will be able to choose which version of the game they want to download, and to receive on DVD and/or memory stick
  • $950,000 – The Loremaster, which includes the Great Library of Marcuria (rebuilt in secrecy, of course), a fully-voiced librarian character, and tons of books, documents, ancient parchments and tomes of lore in-game for players to read, explore and dig into!
  • $1,000,000 – A Longer Journey, which allows us to create new locations, characters and side stories, adding great depth to the world, additional gameplay and new dialogue, lore, magical creatures…and some cool surprises! Check back later for more information about this stretch goal!

Beyond $1,000,000 lies many more mysteries, and we will announce additional stretch goals as soon as we reach our first one — including, of course, more information about The Longest Journey Home!

At the time of this posting, the Kickstarter campaign resides at $888,360. Not to bad. So that stretch goal is not that far off. In fact, pledges are looking rather favourable.


Game Overview:

Dreamfall Chapters continues and concludes the gripping story of Zoë Castillo, the Dreamer.

Revisiting familiar locations and characters, and introducing new sights and sounds, new faces, new game mechanics, new thrills and challenges, Dreamfall Chapters takes the player on an emotional, exciting and challenging journey — from a dystopian cyberpunk future, through the mysterious and dreamlike Storytime, to the magical landscapes of Arcadia.

We aim to recapture the heart and soul of The Longest Journey and to improve on the immersion and game mechanics of Dreamfall in order to bring you a fitting, satisfying and emotional conclusion to the Dreamer Cycle.

  • Experience a deep and complex storyline that continues the epic saga of The Longest Journey and concludes the Dreamer Cycle that began with Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
  • Explore a beautiful, rich, detailed, interactive and living world that mixes a cyberpunk vision of the future with magical fantasy, along with a broken and decaying dreamworld
  • Play as three different characters, all on journeys across worlds, through life, and into their own hearts and souls
  • 3D point-and-click interface and engaging puzzle gameplay designed for fans of adventure games

The Undreaming is Unchained.

The last time we met Zoë Castillo, she was in a deep coma. She had saved the world from the ghost in the machine that had taken residence in the ethereal realm of the Winter, but in the end Zoë was betrayed and left for dead. Her body is now in a hospital in Casablanca.

Her mind, however, is elsewhere.

Trapped inside the mysterious Storytime, Zoë must learn to control the very fabric of dreams and confront her own past before she can resume her life.

In Arcadia, we witnessed April Ryan mortally wounded by one of the Azadi, foreign invaders of the Northlands. Kian Alvane, an assassin working for the Six who rule over the Azadi nation, has been captured and sentenced to death for treason. He awaits execution in the prison tower of Friar’s Keep.

Back in our world, Stark, the multi-planetary corporation WatiCorp has released the Dreamer. Half the world is hooked up to the eponymous dream machine, and society is slowly crumbling. And in Arcadia, the Azadi are cementing their power once more, while their mystical tower in the capital of the Northlands continues to harvest dreams.

Unless something is done, unless our heroes can awake and be reborn, the future looks bleak. What is WatiCorp planning? What are the Dreamers for? Who is the Prophet? What is happening in Arcadia, and how are the Azadi involved?

And where in the world is Crow?

The answers will all be found in Dreamfall Chapters — the thrilling conclusion to the Dreamer Cycle that began with Dreamfall: The Longest Journey!

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