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Dreamgate card game now in Early Access

dreamgate card game now in early access for linux mac windows pc

Dreamgate is a new deck building card game on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Confirmed Games. which is now live on Steam.

Dreamgate is hardcore mix of deck building card battler and a roguelite adventure. Since you will build your deck. While exploring the Dreamgate world and defeat fearsome foes.
The games now live on Steam. And as such, expecting to be in a development state for roughly 6 – 12 months. While shaping the gameplay according to your feedback.

Dreamgate – Early Access Launch Trailer

As developers, Confirmed have experience in developing games. Since releasing their first title, Fate Hunters. A game that also has Linux support. Which the developers are also taking lessons from. Planning to include modding out of the box for Dreamgate. Along with using player feedback to influence our game’s design.


  • You won’t be prepared for Dreamgate. Each game level is procedurally generated with random enemies. Including items, weapons and skills. Since each run features unique challenges.
  • Building your deck is tricky. Your items, treasures, weapons, and skills go to the same deck. So balance your cards and be ready for everything!
  • Skill tree. Permanently upgrade your heroes with unique ability.
  • Risk/Reward system. Collect treasures that you will find on your journey. So be prepared that treasures be part of your Dreamgate deck and as you know. It’s also impossible to kill zombies with gold. And if your hero dies, then you will lose everything

The game comes to early access with:

  • 3 Unique heroes in Dreamgate (Warrior, Warlock, Death Knight)
  • 40+ Passive skills
  • 9 Bosses and 1 Mega uber final Boss
  • 50+ Enemies
  • 20+ Event encounters
  • 80+ Skill cards
  • 50+ Weapon and Item cards

Dreamgate card game is now in Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Certainly priced reasonable at $11.99 USD including a 20% discount until February 27th. Also available with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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