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Drift multiplayer survival game gets a Demo

drift multiplayer survival game gets a demo for both linux and windows pc

Drift multiplayer survival game gets a Demo for both Linux and Windows PC. A vibrant new title from the minds of developer KAR Games. Which now gives players a chance to play on Steam.

You might imagine being stranded in deep space to be lonely at least. At least that would certainly be the popular perception. In Drift, though, space becomes a little more crowded. While players are being joined by an affable AI drone. Due to help them to scout out the dangerous asteroid field that they now inhabit. Or, if they choose, other space wreck survivors.

Drift: Next Fest Trailer

With the help of their trust drone, players in the Drift demo will float through the vast belt of rock. Due to find new materials, cavernous biomes, and, perhaps, even alien fauna and flora. With their new found resources they’ll be able to expand their space-raft. Then build machines for crafting, and even decorate their newly christened home. Sci-fi aficionados will also welcome the option to build a tractor beam sucking in space rocks. Then grinding them up for resources.


  • A vast open sci-fi world for players to explore.
  • The ability to expand their spacecraft, equipping it with all manner of technological goodies.
  • The ability to craft automations and machines to speed up resource gathering.
  • Full Drift multiplayer capabilities deep space doesn’t have to be lonely.

Your research ship, once a small town bustling with science, is almost totally in ruin. Use the resources you gather to build it anew. Life Support and other advanced systems can remove the pressure of space life. Bring home scavenge from the field to make it feel like home.

Play the demo of Drift as part of the Steam Next Fest. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. Whilst this demo currently does not feature multiplayer. This is available to play-testers in Drift’s Discord server.

Drift multiplayer survival game is due to release in mid-2023. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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