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Drift sci-fi multiplayer due to release soon

drift sci-fi multiplayer adventure game gets a release date for linux mac and windows pc

Drift sci-fi multiplayer adventure game gets a release date for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. KAR Games is getting to deliver an impressive and polished final product that truly shines. Getting ready to make its way onto Steam Early Access.

Drift is a unique game for Linux where you can team up with up to 7 other players to help each other out. Since you all have to work together to rebuild your damaged spaceship. All while you search a dangerous asteroid field and fight off all kinds of weird alien creatures.

To do all of this, you’ll need to use a drone to collect resources. Due to help you repair your ship, create cool machines, and even decorate your home in space. Players will also be able to create a tractor beam in the game. Which you can use to suck in space rocks for resources.

Drift Early Access Trailer

One of the best features Drift, there is a vast open world for you to explore. This means that players can go wherever they choose and discover strange and amazing creatures. And also, plants that you’ve never seen before. Players will have to be mindful though since space is full of asteroids, black holes, and other hazards.

If you want to play Drift, you can still try out a Linux demo version on Steam. Just remember to keep an eye on your oxygen levels while you face the hazards in space.

The full game is due to be released on Linux, May 12th into Early Access. Where it will remain for at least six months.

Drift sci-fi multiplayer adventure game lets you explore space with friends on Linux. While you fight off aliens and create unique machines. It’s best for anyone into science fiction and wants to experience life in space. So be sure to Wishlist the game due to release in Steam Early Access on May 12th. Which also includes Mac and Windows PC builds.

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