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Drift Stage arcade racer looking for funding support

Drift Stage arcade racer looking for funding support on linux mac windows pc

Drift Stage arcade racer is looking for funding support on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. According to developer Created by
Super Systems Softworks. Due to arrive on Steam is funding is successful.

Recently however, it  seems Super System Softworks has revealed a new retro-inspired arcade racing game, Drift Stage for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC in 2015. According to the official Drift Stage website, the game is said to focus on drifting gameplay mechanics and portrays a distinct 80’s style.

Drift Stage Kickstarter Trailer:

A modern evolution of the classic arcade racer, bringing the gameplay up to date a bit while keeping the late 80’s style intact.

In these street races, speed reigns supreme. The art of the drift is easy to learn and immediately fun, but it’s true depth and challenge are hard to master.

Drift Stage will feature a roster of cars inspired by the mid-late 80’s and early 90’s racing on tracks ranging from city streets to coastal beaches and many in between. The game comes fully loaded with single-player modes including a character oriented career mode, circuit races, and leaderboard chasing time trials. Local splitscreen and online multiplayer races will also be in full swing.

The game’s Miami Vice inspired pastel colored graphics and synth-pop soundtrack draws an inspiration from the classic arcade games like, Outrun and Ridge Racer. In addition to that, the game will be featuring a single race campaign, time trial, career and infinite drift modes, as well as four player split-screen and online multiplayer modes.


  • Single Race
    A conventional single player race against AI opponents.
  • Time Trial
    Race against staff ghosts and your personal best as well as your friends’ best online leaderboard times.
  • Infinite Drift
    Checkpoint style races on a randomly generated track.
  • Daily Challenges
    Challenge your friends in a time/score based daily challenge in Drift Stage.
  • Career Mode
    Choose your racer and follow their story across multiple races.
  • Workshop
    Create custom tracks in an in-game editor and customize your cars with decals.
  • Local & Online Multiplayer
    Drift Stage features local split screen up to four players, just like the old days, in addition to online racing.

In the Drift Stage featured Workshop mode, players will be able to customize cars and create custom tracks with an in-game editor. The game developers are focusing on making the game more “easy to learn and immediately fun” with simple controls while providing challenge and depth to advanced players.

An alpha demo is currently available for Drift Stage on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC and the developers are also considering a mobile port of the game. Super System Softworks has recently surpassed a funding goal of $30,000 USD on its Kickstarter campaign, which concludes next month.


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