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Driftland: The Magic Revival hitting Steam soon

driftland: the magic revival 4X rts coming to steam for windows then linux mac games

Driftland: The Magic Revival, takes inspiration from Civilization, Populus, Majesty, and The Settlers. Yet the release is almost here. Since the games coming to Steam Early Access soon. More than likely a Windows release, followed by Mac and Linux.

So gameplay is a unique mix of 4X real-time strategy and god game. Along with a universe intertwined with unpredictable magic. The dynamic map topography enriches your fairytale empire. While setting up goals for your army, tame magical creatures, manage the kingdom, and unravel the many mysteries of your lands. Of course Unreal Engine 4 is being used for the games development. But there is no Steam page just yet.

Linux release:

‘Steam early access will be most likely only for the Windows platform. Final game will be released around Q3 2k18 for Windows, followed by Linux and Mac.

Driftland: The Magic Revival – story & gameplay Trailer:

Since Driftland: The Magic Revival is a clever combination of the 4X, RTS, and god game genres. With some one-of-a-kind features. Dynamic topography consisting of floating islands will change the situation on the battlefield. While taming wild creatures and pairing them with a rider. Since this will impact the armies’ striking force. Keeping the action on the same map will allow gamers to manage their empire. And yet fighting for expansion in the same tactical view. wwith the ability to dynamically adjust distance.

Islands floating in space are inhabited by many factions. While tribes, which include four major races: ambitious humans, industrious dwarves, pragmatic dark elves. Plus nature-worshipping wild elves. So evolve your empire using its economic potential. Fight single barbarians or creatures, and as you progress deal with bigger foes. Facing camps of barbarians and even entire civilizations.

Recruit an army. Determine objectives and establish their priority. Evolve your units so that they can gain experience, new levels, and skills by letting them explore, encounter random events, upgrade their homes, and train in dedicated structures. It’s worth it – veteran units are capable of taming and riding dragons, as well as other flying creatures, while dwarves can build flying units.

So you want Driftland for yourself. You would be the best ruler after all, wouldn’t you? Therefore you are a mage overlord, with your own castle and tower. With a small realm on one of the islands. Now is the time to build your own future – an empire that will be unstoppable. Expand your kingdom by joining more and more islands together to wield all the power in your hands.

Driftland: The Magic Revival – Main Features:

  • Explore, fight, and set goals! Instead of micromanagement, issue commands to your faithful army.
  • 4X, RTS, and god game combined. Special approach, introducing many features.
  • Dynamic topography. The shattered planet is kept from collapsing and drifting away into the depths of space by powerful, ancient magic.
  • High accessibility and replayability value. Adjust the complexity and difficulty of maps and scenarios as you like.
  • Rule Driftland – build an empire! Expand your kingdom, gather resources, become a mighty mage, and merge scattered fragments of a planet with powerful sorcery.
  • Single player and multiplayer campaigns! Whether alone or with other players, Driftland: The Magic Revival is an incredible experience.
  • Taming wild creatures. Create completely different battle units by combining warriors with creatures.
  • Everything takes place on the same map. Manage your empire and fight for expansion in the same tactical view, where you are able to dynamically adjust distance.

Driftland: The Magic Revival will arrive on Steam Early Access in the coming months. Stay tuned for the latest information regarding the EA launch.

For more information, visiting the games official website, Facebook and Twitter.