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Driver: Freeway Fury Online Game Launched

In anticipation of the upcoming launch of Driver: San Francisco, Ubisoft has launched a free web game based on the Driver franchise. Driver: Freeway Fury is available to play in a browser now for free, and submitting your high scores will put you in the running for a grand prize worth $20,000 USD.

When plain old driving just isn’t enough, gamers can unleash their fury and climb to their car’s roof for some fresh air… and hijack a ride from another car while their at it thanks to Driver: Freeway Fury. A top-down, fast-paced high-score run, Driver: Freeway Fury tasks players with surviving on the highway while taking down rival vehicles and innocent bystanders. Gain nitro boost by jumping onto other cars, driving into oncoming traffic, and a variety of other crazy stunts. Only thing you can’t do is brake! But why would you want to do that?

Players who earn a score of 25,000 in Driver: Freeway Fury will be eligible for an entry into the sweepstakes, and each person who qualifies by 6th September 2011, will earn the Driver: San Francisco ticket and be in with a chance of winning a $20,000 gasoline gift card. Terms and conditions do apply, of course, and you can find out details on these and play the game itself at, right now. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Driver: Freeway Fury, and other forthcoming games from Ubisoft.

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