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Drone Strike Force dev’s to evaluate support

drone strike force dev's to evaluate support for linux windows pc

Drone Strike Force online shooter launched on Windows PC, but looking at Linux support. Thanks to Odisi Games and NGD Studios. Which is now in Early Access on Steam with 100% Positive reviews.

Drone Strike Force is a high-octane competitive, skill-based game. While also bringing new challenges to the FPS genre. With its unique aerial combat and highly-skilled competitive gameplay. As a result, takes things to all new levels in modern warfare. High into the skies with the sort of combat never before seen in a competitive shooter. Having also watching video on YouTube which looks impressive. Naturally, I had to inquire about Linux.

Linux Support

Built on UE4. Linux is not officially on our road map. We will dedicate some time to properly evaluate Linux in future to see about providing official support.

The developer also explained that Drone Strike Force has been “tested on Wine and on Steam’s Proton.” It works. I just tested the game via Proton 4.11-3. It works perfectly.
We have also created a Discussion post. Hoping to get more community attention and support. So Odisi Games and NGD Studios can evaluate based on feedback.

Drone Strike Force – Early Access Gameplay Trailer

The first several months of free content updates are also outlined. With the game’s first PVE mode. And all-new skins and rewards coming in the September update.

Development Roadmap Detailed

September brings with it the first PVE mode for Drone Strike Force. This will allows players to fight hordes of AI controlled drones. Doing so in groups or solo to get the best score possible. This mode is playable while queuing up for the PVP game modes. Making sure that every player is never far from the action.
In addition, September’s content drop also brings in a new Mission System. Likewise, including special rewards and brand new skins to earn in-game.

October through January are also outlined. Releasing a Skirmish Lobby, an Armor and Shields System. This also means New Weapons, Achievements, New Game Modes and Ranked Mode. Similarly, Leaderboards all planned to land at varying times. The future is bright, even if it’s mostly drones fighting one another.

About Drone Strike Force

In the mid-21st century, citizen soldiers and corporations battle it out against each other. Claiming control of cities ravaged by global warming. Command next-generation military UAV drones. All using state-of-the-art Drone Brain Meld Interface (DBMi). This provides instantaneous neural control. Work in teams to capture critical control nodes. Gain experience from battles to upgrade your drone. Adding functionality and add new drones to your garage.

Fly and shoot at high velocity in Drone Strike Force. While using the environment and your drone’s agile capabilities. Outmaneuver enemies and give your team the win. Choose from a number of unique drones, weapons, perks, and abilities to customize each loadout to your own personal playstyle.

Drone Strike Force is available on Steam Early Access. Priced at $19.99 (USD) for Windows PC. While Odisi Games and NGD Studios evaluate Linux support. And of course, make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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