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Drox Operative 2 hits 10 months of Early Access

drox operative 2 hits 10 months of early access with more changes in linux gaming and windows pc

Drox Operative 2 hits 10 months of Early Access with more changes in Linux gaming and Windows PC. While developer Soldak Entertainment is really making it happen for players. With a solid 91% Very Positive review score on Steam and GOG.

Drox Operative 2 has been in early access for over 10 months now. So at this post, Soldak has released 42 patches (10 since the last post) with 1,427 total changes (176 since the last post). With a detailed list you can be read here. This latest update consists of a ton of small fixes and balance changes. But there is also a bunch of larger changes.

Drox Operative 2 trailer

The latest changes after 10 months:

  • Weapons: Added 5 new weapon types (ballistic burst, plasma blast, manual beam, chaining beam, and plasma wave). Improving many of the old Drox Operative 2 weapon types. Such as fighters, bombs, missiles, and special weapons. Race ships can also use the new weapon types. Also, now race ships and monsters can fire their weapons from much farther away.
  • Cataclysms: These are massive sector wide events that can greatly change the balance of power. Some examples: Harvesters, Fanatics, Singularity, and Creeping Death.
  • Icons: The Drox Operative 2 artists added more icons for skills and services. Even defensive ram components and offensive ram components.
  • Better Diplomacy Options: You can now buy planet data from the races. There is an option to sponsor diplomat and colony ships. Beacons now work for all races, and planting spies is cheaper.
  • Improved Radar: Drox Operative 2 radar now tracks planets, gates, and allies much better.
  • Win/Loss: Subject races no longer count for diplomatic wins. The death cost has been decreased so it’s harder to get an economic loss. Win conditions now have priority over lose conditions, and diplomatic win rewards are much better.

So it seems that Soldak Entertainment are eager to keep to player feedback for Drox Operative 2. Making 10 months of changes for players to feel at home in singleplayer, co-op or multiplayer. Priced at $14.99 USD on both Steam and GOG. With support in Linux gaming and Windows PC.
Also keep in mind the price is going up closer to the full release.

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