Druidstone tactical RPG support update

druidstone tactical rpg games support update for linux windows

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest tactical RPG games support update for Linux and Windows PC. We reached out to developer Ctrl Alt Ninja Ltd. Since announcing their upcoming release for Steam.

Linux Support Update:

“At launch we’re going with Win only. We simply lack the resources to do ports for other platforms in launch. Depending how the launch goes, we’ll consider other platforms.”

Since Ctrl Alt Ninja Ltd are “using our own inhouse engine.” So a native Linux release will focus on demand from the community. Pretty much the same comment as the Discussion Post back in November.
But you can share you Tux Love and +1. Also making sure to Wishlisht on Steam.

To celebrate the milestone, the developer has released a new pre-order trailer showcasing the various missions and enemies in the game.

Druidstone Pre-order Trailer (Windows, hopefully Linux)

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest is a labour of love. Ctrl Alt Ninja Ltd. are also the makers of the Legend of Grimrock series. The tactical, single player, turn-based roleplaying game. Both games also hold over a Very Positive 90% reviews on Steam.
So Druidstone will combine the best qualities of modern RPG‘s. Which also including the purity of tactical board games. All using lush, colorful graphics. While making the fantasy world come to life. Since every action counts, all using careful thinking.
As players fight their way through the game. Each of the missions are hand crafted. Creating a stunning yet challenging experience.

In Druidstone the peaceful Menhir Forest is threatened. There is a cancerous dishonesty that now spreads through it. This also catches Aava, the archdruid’s daughter. So she must now shoulder her father’s responsibilities. Including Leonhard, a warden with a mysterious past and a lethal destiny. While partnering with Oiko, the failed Red Priest. Who is also living proof that one may be very smart. All without being particularly wise. Along the way, they meet more companions and villains. Whose unique personalities and abilities make every encounter dynamic.

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest will be released on May 15th. Since pre-orders are open now on the developer’s home page druidstone-game.com. Pre-orders are also receive a 10% discount from the retail price of $24.99 USD.
On top of this, customers who pre-order the tactical RPG. Not only get a Steam key bit a DRM-free standalone version. There is also pre-order bonus, a free copy of a digital book. Featuring concept art and behind the scenes information. Plus other material from the making of Druidstone. The book is projected to be released two weeks after the game’s release. Sold separately at $4.99 USD.

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